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Hey guys!

I recently started this RP with Terel, Usagismith and xUsagix. Unfortunately, due to circumstances xUsagix had to leave RPR, we hope she comes back when time allows it!

For now though, our RP is swamped, since it was currently revolving about xUsagix's character being saved. There for, we're looking for people who have a character that can replace xUsagix in the rp! just leave a comment if you're interested, the setting is completely written out in the first post ^^

leave a reply here, I hope to see you soon!
She's a work in progress (on here) but I have used her before in these kinds of situations and I think Maxi would work well in your opening.
Can she step in where xUsagix's character left off?
Let see... it looks like the immidiate danger was over. WE could do one of two things. Have xUsagix's character decide against joining (npc'ly) just in case she comes back and wants to pick it back up, and then have maxi take her place.

Or do you just want her to be the one you rescued?

AND sorry for the late reply, I forgot to get notifications for the thread. >w<
It doesn't really matter to me :) you can choose how to join in for yourself, I'll respond accordingly ^^

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