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This Looking For RP topic is marked as closed, meaning it is no longer seeking new players.

Victor Hart (played by Ms_Draca)

Victor was orphaned at a young age and sent to live with his aunt and uncle. He was always a strange child, not liking to be touched and preferring objects and animals to people. He was sent away once to correct his behavior, but while there was marked improvement in his behavior it wasn't enough to please his uncle - who wished to have the boy committed to a mental hospital.

Victor over heard his uncle and aunt discussing this very subject one evening and ran away.
He was twelve then and has been living by himself in the hills for the last four years.
He comes into town now and then to work odd jobs and buy some of the things he can't get from nature. He does not like people in general, but he's realized that cutting himself off from everyone may not have been the best solution to his problem.

While it would be difficult for him to adjust his way of living to include anyone other than himself and he wouldn't like it one bit, it isn't quite as much fun living all alone all the time as he'd once thought it would be. He could really use a friend, just someone to talk to and do things with from time to time just to keep sane if for no other reason.

Victor distrusts adults(men more than women) and fears 'doctors'. He equates the title 'doctor' with a mad scientist sort of person that would lock him away in a small empty padded room for eternity or so he assumes. He has no problem with physicians unless they're refereed to as 'doctors'. He has a number of odd habits such as collecting metal keys of various kinds, sucking on them and rubbing them against his mouth. Being distracted by little things like reflections, cracks in a nut on the ground, etc. He tends to suck on the copper coin he wears on a string around his neck when stressed or on one of his keys.

Modern RP, Low fantasy, Non-humans are fine, would prefer characters that are not overly submissive or overly powerful(like gods, demons, super powers). Having more knowledge in wilderness living then Victor is fine.

Don't let his fear dislike of men stop any guys from trying to befriending him. A military guy would be interesting to see interact with him, if any of them would want to put up with this kid.
Pieridae (played by Gamers)

I just joined and my character Pieridae is a quiet hunter in the woods. While I am new to this site I am no new to role playing so I'm not completely clueless. Pieridae is a Fae that lives alone in his hunting cabin in the woods and also prefers nature over people. He is a fantasy character but I haven't done anything yet so maybe we can find a happy median if you'd like.

Victor Hart (played by Ms_Draca)

That can work. Do you want to RP in the forums here or RP somewhere else? I have AIM and all my characters are on Furcadia if you use either of those things.

I'll be kinda busy today(Thursday) as I'm babysitting most of the afternoon and evening).

If you want to start a topic in the forum you can or I can if you'd rather I go first.

Just let me know.
Pieridae (played by Gamers)

We can do it wherever you'd like, and I'll let you start it
Victor Hart (played by Ms_Draca)

I made a topic in General RP.

The name of the RP is Crusoe Hill (Victor Hart and Pieridae).

Reply when you get a chance and I'll do the same.

My first post is long because it's going into what the setting looks like and what Victor looks like as well as what he's doing. My posts vary in length so don't expect all my posts to be the same length as this first one is.

I edit Victor's profile to add more information on the land. It's ten acres in all. Used for trapping and hunting not much else.

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