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Hello! Hope you're all well! I have an idea for roleplay I'd like to start. I have the introductory paragraphs with various clues and stipulations within in but also want a lot of the arch to remain a surprise to all as they enter into it.

Do people respond well to that sort of thing? That they can pick a character within the realms of what is suggested by the OP and go with it?

Any advice/encouragement appreciated!

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This is definitely doable and something I think people would be interested in! Keeping secrets from the players is awesome because it allows for them to discover parts of the plot with their characters and write accordingly. The downside is on you as the GM/OP: you basically have to lead them down the path you want for them while also making sure their characters have goals that make them feel like it's natural for them to follow.

Personally, this is the kind of RP I'm attracted to. I like GMs to take the lead and I like to follow the structure with my character.
Excellent! Well I posted in the General Roleplay and now waiting for any bait takers :) Thank you for taking time to answer-definitely allay my fears

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