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I've been wanting to RP using my two sci-fi characters, Irah Antares, feared captain of the pirate cruiser Lapis Lazuli Dawn, scourge of the trade lanes for a hundred parsecs, and the ex-navy fighter pilot Wren Tain, who left her old squadron aboard the naval carrier Illustrious for reasons she keeps to herself, now she is on the run from the Navy, who want to bring her in for court-martialing, on charges of desertion, dereliction of duty, assaulting a superior officer and theft of Naval property.

The RP is set many long centuries in the future; Humanity has spread to the four corners of the Known Galaxy, settling thousands of worlds and fragmenting into dozens, perhaps hundreds of new subspecies and countless new cultures and nations. Though divided, Humanity is united by one common myth; of the vast Terran Empire that fell so long ago, of the Empire's great capital, birth-world of the Human species, Mother Terra, Old Earth that was long ago lost and forgotten in the chaotic centuries after the Empire's fall.

Whispers remain however, of boundless riches and ancient technologies hidden on Terra; of fabled artefacts from the most dim and distant eras of Human history, before they reached out to touch the stars... The treasures of Terra alone would make its discoverer the most rich and powerful man in the Known Galaxy, and the fame and adulation he would find would mean that his name would outlast the very stars themselves...

Irah Antares is a man of lofty ambitions, and it has always been his secret dream to find the fabled world and plunder her riches, whilst Wren Tain, a woman with little time for lost history and myth, has found work as one of the mercenary escorts for yet another star-eyed explorer out to chase dreams and faerie tales.

Who knows who, or what, also seeks out the fabled planet, or what terrors and mysteries lie in the paths of those rash enough or brave enough to seek the path to Terra?

I'm looking for a group RP, but I can also do one-on-one if it is preferred, I also hold no restriction on what kind of character can be involved, so long as it fits a sci-fi setting. After all, there are far more creatures and entities amongst the stars than just Humans...
OMG!!! This sounds so cool!! I want in, that is if its a group rp. ^_^ If it isn't..I still want in! XD

I'll defiantly do this! This sounds fun! ;3
id give it a try =)
If it's a group, I might be interested in giving it a shot!
Excellent. I've made the first post;

So far that's five RPers in this, which is a good number I think.
Ill post later on cause one I'm going to work and two I wanna see who plays who.
how could i fit Celtic into this.. i can fit her to just about anything.. i made her a jedi but i dont know what i should do with her in this
She could be a mercenary, perhaps a member of one of the subspecies of Humanity that developed over the past four thousand plus years? You could give her a few basic psionic powers like telekinesis, which match a few Force powers, and there's no reason she can't have a plasma-blade weapon or something.
(( Alright =) ))
Awiti (played by Makahe)

Would Awiti by any chance fit in..? :) This sounds awesome!
Certainly, I've left the RP open to pretty much any form of character, be it alien or some human subspecies brought about by millennia of living in space, on alien worlds, technological or genetic alterations or mutations, etcetera.
Awiti (played by Makahe)

Awesome! Should I just jump on in and post, or come in at a later time? I've got all day so whatever works for you!
Sure, post away!
Awiti (played by Makahe)

I hope that is alright? Lemme know if anything needs adjusting!

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