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The Elven Kingdom was destroyed by three murderous kings and their pack of warriors. They had thought they killed them all off, but the poor elf child had been out with the animals to only come back to her burning kingdom. The elf stood there terrified as the flames roared and the area was tainted red. The smoke had blocked the moon from shining down upon them, they raised their swords cheering as one of the kings held the decapitated head of her father in the air. The poor childs emotions caused the air to be extremely dense, anger had risen inside her and sadness consumed her more as the seconds to minutes went by. Everyone started to have a hard time breathing, but everyone did not understand what was happening or who was making this happen. One king from Illerian stood there and scanned the area before continuing to walk around, he soon spots the child as she turns and runs away from the war zone. That king just watched as the child ran away before turning back and returning to the group, they all looked at him as he said, "There was no one here. Lets go.". They all headed back to the Illerian kingdom to celebrate and cheer on their alliance.

A few days had passed since the incident, An old couple were hiking out in the bright coloured woods just to enjoy their day before they stumbled upon the child who had been passed out. They looked at her and then looked at each other with concern. The old man walked up to her and picked the poor girl up. Looking at her closely, they noticed the elf ears and without a blink of an eye they had taken her back to the village they lived in. They took care of her like she was one of their own, Their children often came to visit and knew about the girl. Playing around with the child before they had to leave. They visited a lot through the years to help train her with her powers, weaponry, helped her learn how to read/write, and some of the days she had spend long hours practicing different things at once. The old woman taught her how to cook for months. A few years had passed as the king of Illerian finally passed away giving the kingdom a chance to reborn. The prince, soon to be king, didn’t want to take the role and kept running away. His sanity broke when a war came upon his hands 4 years later, He became quite known for his strategy skills and covering up his sinfulness well enough that no one knows the difference. The elderly couple had finally passed away leaving her all alone. This time she wasn’t going to leave their hard work unfinished. She began her work in what she is most knowledgable with. Earning enough coin to live through her many years.

Upon turning 18, the girl had worked on farms and healed people to helping animals. Her work was all over the place. One day early in the morning, The king of Illerian, Claud, stopped by her house to discuss a ‘mission’. He knew about her and her powers so that is why he picked her. She looked at him with curiosity and confusion. “We need reinforcement for our army, I was thinking of Renfreeir.”. Renfreeir was a powerful kingdom with different varieties of warriors. Thinking to herself, ‘Why me? Of all these years he knew about me, why did it have to be now?’. He saw her in a deep thought and smirked letting some of his sinfulness out, “If you don’t do it, I will kill everyone in this village and burn the rest of it.”. She began to shake in terror, flashbacks of the past appeared. Her expression showed the horror and he smiled sinfully before leaving her there, completely alone in her thoughts. She looked at him walk away before yelling, “Fine. I will do it. Just leave them be.”. He waved his hand, “Better hurry, you have 3 days to do it all.”. She began to pack her things for seemed like a hour, but it was only roughly around 30 minutes before running out the door to her horse. Putting the saddle on it, she climbed on and began riding away.

The sun set pretty early than usual as Sage finally stops at a little waterfall. Climbing off the horse, she bent down onto her knees and cupping her hands together as she dips them into the water. Feeling the cold refreshing water on her skin was delightful. She pulled the water she cupped with her hands and gently splashed her face with it. She dried off her face as she had been fully relaxed from it. A group of men came behind her and put a cloth over her mouth making her pass out. One of them, the leader of the bandits, started punching her limp body before having them toss her into a tree. Unaware of the fact she was a Elven woman, he bent down next to her body and pulled out a dagger, spinning it around. He was giving her body a good look before speaking, “We have a special one tonight fellas. We got extra lucky.”. They all grinned, but their grins vanished when her body began to glow a light green. Vines had risen from the grown secretly and forcibly wrapped itself on to his arm, crushing it completely. He screamed in pain as he cut the vines, getting up and backing away slowly. She stood up, her eyes glowing a deep green and the air got a bit dense. Her power overlapping her reality of things. The violence she was capable of doing crossed her mind making her grin in delight.

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