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Zak miatre (played by Goldenflash_andy)

[A warning before i start! If your strongly religious this might ofend you so if religion easily offends you just skip past this one! ^^]

Zak had always been a bit 'mean' for an angel, it was never anything serious but he did stand out from the other angels in heaven but still very helpfull and Nice when asked something! This was at least untill one day he found out he wasn't even meant to be an angel at all. He had been waiting for his lover to be sent to heaven aswell but i turns out they weren't as lucky as he was. With a litle help of another angel he wanted to get into hell himself but his freind that was seposed to help wasnt able to get him out again.

After multiple months of silence when a blood moon rised colloring the sky red, the portal he entered in opend again. This time however he wasn't alone, he had made a promise with the devil himself, conquer heaven and his love shall be set free.

Now your character could fit anywhere in this story, he could be a regular shoulder like an Archer or healer or even a mage maybe a regular citizen or an assasin. Feel free to contact me if Ur interested! ^^

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