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Arashi Tsuki (played by Primrose-Chan)

In Terrum(Specifically Katri) there are these two islands, one name Meolai and the other Juram. Though part of the same function(like a country), they are at war. Meolai just wants peace but the king and queen have hurt many insect-like people. That was when it went from just being Katri to being Meolai, the island of every creature except for spider people, and Juram, the island for only insect and spider people. Many rumors wander around until a tale of five heroes that will save all of Terrum appears. This is the only legend the people fully seem to believe on BOTH sides...
((Do the chars have to be either spider or insect people?))
Arashi Tsuki (played by Primrose-Chan)

Well, they can be anything. If they're spiders, they're on Jarum, others, Meolai. Insect people live on both because they are accepted on both.
Arashi Tsuki (played by Primrose-Chan)

Well, I have to work on something. Bye. At least for now.

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