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To start, I did breif the forums to make sure I wasn't making a repeat post so forgive me if this was already mentioned!! With that said, I'm also not a coder or UI designer by any means and don't know how realistic this suggestion would be-- but I was wondering what the possibility of adding a feature to player profiles would be if it helped users see and identify players in groups they have in common!!

Not to list all the groups a user is in, but groups you specifically have in common together! Maybe you didn't realize that this person whose profile you're reviewing also partakes in the same community you do and now you have this common-ground relation to start a dialogue and interact!

(Wouldn't apply to anonymous characters in the same group played by a user whose not in the group since you can apply characters and accounts to groups separately.)
If you can choose which groups to display, I'm down with this idea. I think it would be nice to have yet another place to see who is part of your groups because some groups have pages upon pages of members!

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