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Auberon Moderator

Teal in Triplicate Studio Presents...

Mermay Commissions!

Shuckem and Alluvial will be offering full body, full color wing-its of your character as a mercreature in the spirit of Mermay. We will also accept characters who are existing sea creatures. These collabs will be a 50/50 split with one artist doing lines and the other coloring. Who does what will vary from piece to piece, as we want to play to our strengths and have fun doing it. Peep below for examples of what to expect:

Fill out the form below and note that DA account to claim a spot:

Character Name:
Character Refs: (Visuals required, no descriptions)
Mood: (Cheerful, sultry, etc.)
Desired Sea Creature: (Sea creature name + at least one photo ref - Leave blank for artists' choice)
Your Paypal Address:

The cost per character is $60. Multiple character commissions are welcome!
Commissions will be done by month's end provided requests are received no later than 5/15/19. These are open to both humanoids and anthro characters.

Work can be tracked on our Trello. (Some images may be NSFW for partial nudity.)
Question! Are the multiple character comms the same price as just getting two characters?
Auberon Moderator

That's correct. :)
Auberon Moderator

Some examples from this week:




We'll be streaming again tomorrow night!

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