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Hello, everyone;

I’ve got the idea of some kind of massive roleplay that holds sort of a special event surprise, but my ideas on how to advertise such an event are minuscule, as I’m not great with people. (I think...) Anyway, just planning here, and wondering how I can get sort of a ‘starter’ or a roleplay to advertise the roleplay. Any recommendations or ideas?
Just think of who you want to appeal to. If you're looking for a sci-fi audience, maybe start out with a sci-fi theme for your ad. For fantasy, think of something more mythological. I always try to go for a more comical approach for a title and then continue with it from there, but you honestly only need to find your unique style.
To be honest, it’s sort of a mash-up between each genre; starships flying above a field of medieval warriors, dragons flying in an apocalyptic city, zombies attacking an entire planet, etc... That’s part of it, anyway, along with known world combinations, like heroes of Marvel in the Elder Scrolls, or Raiders fighting stormtroopers; it’s a mess, I know, but I plan for it to be epic in a way.
I recommend starting out with some sort of prophecy. Draw the characters in, because prophecies are always super vague, but also give a basic layout for what's going to happen. After that, maybe POV from one of your characters that you'll use in this. After that, you can give a better description of what it is and what you're looking for.
I actually wrote a prophecy of that kind;

The day is coming, the hour is nigh
In which the mortals many shall die
The trump and clatter of the world
Shall signify His rage unfurled
And in the battle that shall burst, the kings must rally for the worst,
For when the blood of gods shall stain the skies,
The Risen shall fall and The Fallen shall rise
To be honest, I don't know a thing about advertising RP. Be sure to balance characters well though, and if you want to make a starter RP here, you can count me in!
Glad to hear it; I’ll put this advice into consideration, and you are more than welcome to join.

I have a oracle/priestess/forbidden/lost magic user. I love to use her in some rp if you make one

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