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Okay so the background is this (without too much detail)

I have two rps with the same person, one is my character serving aboard a starship of theirs. Another is their character has crashlanded on a planet occupied by a race of my characters species.

I dont know when or how it happened, but I was driving along in the middle of nowhere and it hit me....what if rp 1 (serving aboard starship) moved in to rescue crashlanded alien from rp2? Omg!

To be clear I havent even approached my partner in the subject and probably won't, at least in a serious way, but regardless the thought is now stuck with me.

....and it got me thinking about active rp crossovers! I mean I feel like it would have to occur with a single partner you had 2 open and compatible rps with, but still.

Has anyone ever done this? How would you accomplish such a feat if you did? The concept sounds very interesting and entertaining to me honestly, and so here I am posting in curiosity about others who may have thought of this also, perhaps even experienced it? Please share any stories you have as well as any thoughts on the subject, the wild idea is driving me mad!

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