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Code-named Dust, it's a fantasy setting where the forces of Order and Entropy themselves are god-like or divine in nature. It's something I'ed like to flesh out more as it's particularly interesting to me. In a world where these forces are far more powerful than they are in ours, they can have direct influence over everything in life given that their followers expand their presence into new places. They are so powerful, that at one time or another, these forces had a direct hand in creating a few distinct races among the lands of the grey, which are some parts order and entropy made manifest.

There a few (wip)rules to the universe which I shall state now. Order and Entropy themselves are natural enemies, and want to establish dominance or completely wipe out the other from the lands of the grey. An aura of immense Order or immense Entropy can be created by sculpting or creating a large shrine or sigil out of material which depicts either Order or Entropy's symbol, gradually filling an area with their presence and lessening that of the other. Having both in the vicinity of one another make each of the shrine's effects cancel out. Natural barriers such as fault lines, cave mouths, ravines, shores, coasts, tree lines, and mountains indicate how far their auras can reach. Some places are naturally more stable such as tundras or deserts. While some places are naturally more entropic such as mesas or marshes. Such places provide more blessings or curses depending on what players use, those with machinery will find it malfunctioning more or less than usual in such places. And those with magical prowess will find their arts or powers growing weaker or stronger in them. And finally, magic in it's majority and essence is naturally entropic. Entropic forces tend to be innately vile or lead down dark paths in order to sustain them.

The presence of immense Order forbids the manifestation or creation of magic outside of more "conceivable" forces such as substance alchemy, transmutation, divine intervention, supernatum, mutation, and psychic power. However due to such magical neutering, races under such immense order find themselves having far more advanced technology than other nations within the lands of the grey or those under immense Entropy. As well as plants and substances needed in order to create potions and brews for liquid alchemy do not grow in the vicinity of immense Order, making those in it's vicinity have to resort to using actual medicinal practices or healing arts to cure wounds and illnesses.

The presence of immense Entropy forbids the creation of advanced material machines and mechanisms, as they would fail to work properly under such an aura of chaos. As well as large nations tend to have a hard time maintaining themselves under such entropy, usually with such nations under it's aura becoming nothing larger than things like disjointed aligned kingdoms or decentralized clans and lordships. In exchange however, is the overflowing potential of magic and supernatum within it's borders. No where else in the world can magicians and magickers of all sorts become so much more immensely powerful. Psions and Psychics can control mere mortals like puppets from a distance, Elementalists can perform god-like miracles within such borders, and magickers in general find themselves overflowing with magical power and prowess. Things grow faster but die off quicker resulting in immensely lush and fertile lands, but also having incredibly ravenous and vicious beasts within such chaos. As well as often times hedonistic or destructive habits crop up either magically or naturally while under the influence of immense entropy.

Alright, there's the basics at least. Now dear reader, I want to hear your opinions for any suggestions you might have, as well as any you might have for the following questions.

1. What could I do to flesh out it's mechanics more?
2. Do both sides sound appealing to join as a greylander despite their restrictions? If not, how could I improve them?
3. Is there anything else you'd personally do to this setting?

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