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Kira Walker (played by FuzzHugs)

So, I just joined this site but I don’t seem to be getting too much luck when it comes to starting up an rp with Kira.

So I’ll try again,
I had a few ideas for an RP.
This is also heavily influenced by Phoenix Wright.

1) We are both lawyers, we have a court case where we are on opposing sides, this could cause some drama and love-hate romance at that ^_^

2) You are Kira’s client, you need help clearing your name or to put away a bad person that has crossed you.

I’d prefer to be rping with an adult if that’s fine, it would just feel more easier to relate.

(Moved to main to find anybody)

Details: Character sheets & strict mechanics, paragraphs required, long-term RP partner preferred.

Question, is a character sheet required for the RP
Atom (played by UltimateAce)

Is this RP still relevant? Because I'm willing to join in!

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