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mykah rae (played by Wanderlyst)
livestock has been disappearing from their pens, children have been getting mysterious injuries in the night, strange lights will appear in the sky, and adults will go out never to return.
rays of iridescence Streaked through the sky as the golden white sun rose over the distant mountains. normally, this sight would have brought a feeling of comfort and peace to the young woman. But in this morning, it just reminded her of her solitude. it was the third morning since her, and a number of others in the city, had lost dear friends.
mýkah sat, one knee pulled to her chest near the river. she would often come here with her friend in the mornings to relax before the day begun. since he had vanished, mýkah had hardly found the motivation to come, but still arrived at her spot early, in futile hope that she would see a familiar face

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