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Hey guys!

It's me, FlamingPsycho, and I've returned!

And since I'm back, that means I would KILL for a roleplay right now!

So, I'm just gonna give you all a small list of plots that I REALLY like doing, plus a list of stuff I HATE doing, and you can PM me if you wanna rp with me.

Feel free to bring your own plot, or feel free to use one of mine. They're available upon request!

By the way, most of these plots are human and anthro compatible! I do both!

I REALLY Like These Genres:
~Anywhere Abandoned (aka, I LIKE GHOSTS)
~Anything involving werewolves!
~Medieval Castle/Village

I STRONGLY DISLIKE these genres:
~Fully romance-centric
~Slice of life
~Anything mature (as in sexual. Gore is fine)

I Request That You Are:
~Semi-literate, and capable of AT LEAST 3+ lines
~Preferably okay with detailed gore, especially in horror and asylum roleplays
~Somewhat active

Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred.

|| Hello! I may be a little late, but I'm very interested! I feel like my character Elizabeth would be a good fit for a lot of the genres you said you enjoy. PM me if you're still looking!

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