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Our characters have been best friends since the start of time. Although they were polar opposites— one being outgoing, playful, and consistently kind, the other being uptight and serious— they had always found a comfort within each other and were tied at the hip.

One forced the other to watch their favorite movie together— much to one’s dismay since they could be so much more productive right now— and knock out on the couch together. The issue is that when they wake up, they find themselves stuck in the movie. (It can be any genre, medieval, 50’s, cheesy rom-com)

They have to find a way to get out but find the predicament worsening as anything they try to do ends up throwing the movie off track and messing up the timeline of the movie drastically.

Hello! Thanks for reading! I’m looking for someone to try out this prompt with me— it’s super vague and undeveloped because I believe it can really go anywhere from this point! I’d prefer a fully literate partner that can write coherent responses with a minimum of about two paragraphs for post. (This is flexible)

I can play either character and all I’m looking for is someone that can play a male character since I’m trying to make romance a subplot of this prompt and I want it to be MxF. Thank you!

Details: Freeform, paragraphs required, long-term RP partner preferred.

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I'm interested, any movies you have in mind?
Flynn Auburn (played anonymously)

I’m game for this
I'm interested

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