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Charlotte Evergrande (played by Lumaslily)

The distant sound of wagon wheels treading across the dirt as five adventurers sat quietly to themselves in their wooden carriage. It was another dull day of boring traveling for the adventurers until they reached their destination. The rogue of the group sat in front steering their horse as they traveled along the dirt road.

The wizard, bard, cleric, and warrior sat in the back, the bard sitting quietly as she took in the countryside scenery and the wizard rummaging through his satchel. The cleric and warrior watched to see what the wizard was going reveal, their eyes glittering with either excitement or suspicion.

Eventually, the wizard pulled out a stuffed bunny from his satchel and turned to the bard. He tried getting her attention by waving the stuffed animal in her face, but when she didn't seem to be paying attention he decided to call her name, thus, breaking the peaceful silence.

"Hey, Charlotte!" The wizard called causing the bard to turn her head in his direction.

"Yes, Gasper?" She replied with a blank expression on her face.

"I bought this stuffed bunny, thought you like." Gasper stared at her with a crooked smile on his face as he handed her the stuffed animal, but she didn't reach over to grab the present. Charlotte just eyed the stuffed animal and her companion with a rigid expression on her face.

"Isn't that a waste of our money?" She asked bluntly.

"I didn't use our money if that is what you are thinking! It was cheap and I had a little extra money so uh..." Gasper stammered about trying to explain himself.

"No thank you, I don't need that, please do not waste your money on frivolous things, you should save it for something useful." She cut off his stuttering and turned away to continue looking at the scenery. The rogue chuckled at Charlotte's swift rejection as Gasper dropped his shoulders in defeat.

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The Mutt (played by Eniiko)

A pair of gold eyes peered into the carriage that passed by a large treeline. It seemed to totter and sway in the sticky slick river-mud. It would have been the marshes problem if he hadn't come along.

Just as the wheels gave lift from the ground a rock flew through the window of said carriage - hopefully causing it's passengers to huddle onto one side.

Who was this rock slinger? Well - he was currently watching a group of bandits trickle out of the underbrush in confusion. This wasn't part of Tobias' plan...

He really couldn't help himself when it came to this sort of thing! His hand rubbed at stuble along his jawline as he pondered what exaftly was going on. The dagger in his face didn't seem to bother him.

While the carriage had toppled it seemed like they had been spared a watery grave among green moss and snapping amphibian jaws. The masked man growled beneath their rugged sack that seemed to be some sort of... Mask? Tobias wasn't quite sure if they were in a rush or really bad at arts and crafts.

"Do yee have a death wish?!" The voice fringed with ravenous rage came from what seemed to be their leader. Tobias kind of snorted a trickle of chuckles - "Wait... You're the leader?"

They really liked poking people with their shiny blades it seemed. Tobias couldn't help himself when it came to this sort of stuff.. Sure, the metal was grossly crafted but it still had a bit of a sparkle to it.

Chomp! His mouth slammed down on cold steel with a loud clang of metal on massive fangs. His audible crunchy bites seemed to strike fear in the hearts of these err... Villainous? Bandits. While they ran off into the foliage, barely able to hold their masks on, he'd be finishing up his meal.


Tobias approached the wreck after the last bit of metal slid down the back of his throat - tickling his stomach delightfully. Well - whoever these folks were, they had gotten him a meal.

Even if he just wanted to eat the wheels off their carriage.

Among the turned over cabin of the carriage he eyed the remains passively - almost a bit cautious. Nothing seemed to stand out so far. The birds began to sing once more as if the wreck hadn't even happened... It seemed to bring dark thoughts to the forefront of his mind but he pushed them away. He needed to focus.

"Oi? Anyone alive in there?" His voice raked over the rubbish laid about around him, his peering eyes following suite. He didn't want to be here hunched in a sort of squat on his ankles over a pile of wreckage - but here he was.

Did he want them to be alive? Yes. But probably not for the right reasons.

Artist Credit: Missus Ruin on DA
Charlotte Evergrande (played by Lumaslily)

As the travelers continued along the dirt path leaving behind the wheel and horse tracks with every movement the rogue upfront seemed to appear a little anxious. He could hear the distant sound of rustling from the nearby bushes a few feet away from their carriage. He stopped the wagon abruptly just in case they were possibly getting close towards a trap.

The passengers in the back were alerted by the stop and peeked towards the small window upfront to see what was going on.

"What's the matter, Mirage?" The warrior asked peaking his large face through the window.

The rogue turned around, his face calm as to not show his anxiousness, "I think I heard something, I'm going to scout ahead so stay here." The rogue hopped off from his seat and stealthily walked into the nearby jungle.

The rest all waited patiently until the silence was interrupted by the loud impact something being thrown at their window. Charlotte who was closest to the window instinctively clinched.

"Someone is attacking us, we should leave", Charlotte suggested.

"No, we don't know what's out there!" The warrior retorted.

"Well, it's either that or get shot with more projectiles," Gasper argued.

"I-I think I agree with Gasper and Charlotte", the cleric said meekly.

In the midst of their arguing, they could feel their carriage rattle and shake from another impact and before they could move, the carriage toppled to the side causing them to slide in one direction. The carriage fell over to the side shattering their windows and chipping off the wood from their wagon.

The crew took a moment to get themselves together before escaping, readying their weapons and grabbing their possessions before bursting from the door. But before doing so they could hear the sound of breaking coming from the wheels of their wagons. Gasper was ready to leap into action until the warrior held him back from making an impulsive decision.

They listened for what was going on outside, just who was out there? Bandits? Goblins? Demons? Oh, please don't let it be more demons.

Once the rummaging had stopped they heard a concerned voice calling out to them, "we're fine!" The warrior replied and with his strong foot kicked the side door open so he and his companions could escape.

The four of them climbed out of their wrecked carriage, they all stared in awe as they took in the destruction.

"Damn it, we paid good money for that carriage!" The warrior yelled.

"Look, they even stole our wheels, we should have gotten out when we had the chance! Who steals a wheel!?" Gasper dropped to his knee's dramatically as his brows furrowed.

"What a waste of money..." Charlotte swung her lute across her back and crossed her arms.

"We should go look for Mirage" the cleric suggested and turned to the stranger, "hello, have you seen a ranger passing through the jungle?"

"More importantly, did you see who attacked us?" Charlotte added.
The Mutt (played by Eniiko)

"Attacked you?" He looked from one person to the other before shrugging. "Bandits. I scared 'em off... I happened to be passing by here as well," His silver tongue struck yet another chord. He decided to drop the rock in his other hand behind his back then... These people didn't think he was up to no good! That was a first. Foreigners.

He couldn't help but briefly glance over them for anything shiny that caught his eye... But couldn't help but find himself locked onto the feminine presence of the party. She looked like she had something shiny hiding.

His dragon tongue flicked against the back of his teeth. He could almost not conceal his excitement. "A ranger? jungle?" He'd cock his head before turning to look back at the dense treeline behind him. Huh! I guess I am in a jungle...

"My apologies! Those bandits really did a number on the 'ol brain..." He'd make a knocking motion towards his skull, causing his dramatically large pointed hat to rock back on his head of unkept dark locks. He chuckled at how clever he was! Silly silly humans! At least he assumed they were...

"Names Mako -" He'd offer his hand to the man infront of him, hoping to shake hands in some sort of gesture. "I'd say I'm a nomad if I wasn't busting my chops for the 'ol lady back home..." He'd jut a finger over his shoulder behind him with a scrunched up expression.

"Wife has me by the reins - ya know... Women!" This was his best impression of a normal man! He'd die nine times before marrying a dame! He couldn't help but cringe a bit about being ordered around by some lass... A human one at that!

Tobias couldn't help but glance over at the female among the group, curious to see if she fell for it as well. Something about her clacked his fangs together and he wasn't sure what it was...

"But hey! Don't let me stop 'ya going to save your pal!"
Charlotte Evergrande (played by Lumaslily)

The four of them stared at the stranger and listened to his words carefully, he seemed friendly, but after the attack, they couldn't be too sure. Charlotte tilted her head and squinted her eyes when she heard a thudding sound from behind his back. She glanced over to her teammates to see if they had noticed, the cleric still kept her meek expression, the warrior had a deadpan look, but she could see the slightest twitch from Gasper's eyebrows.

He just told on himself.

The crew noticed he was staring a little too long at the females of the group which added more suspicion to his already sketchy nature. He might have been apart of the bandits, but they had no evidence to prove that accusation. Perhaps they could take him in for questioning, but it would make them look bad if he just an innocent citizen. They were all going to keep their guards up just in case he decided to pull something.

When the stranger gave his hand to shake the warrior returned the gesture with a strong grip with his armored hand. His face didn't express any emotion but the tight squeeze conveyed his suspicions towards the stranger.

"Nice to meet you...Mako." The warrior said plainly.

Charlotte immediately turned around and walked into the jungle when Mako started babbling about his "wife".

He couldn't sound less fake if he tried... she thought to herself, her golden earrings swinging back and forth as she walked. She looked her crew hoping they would follow before Mako wasted more of their time.

Gasper followed first, then the warrior and finally the cleric who gave Mako one last bow before walking off to join her crew.

When they were far enough from the stranger Gasper was the first to speak on the issue, "I wasn't the only one who heard the thudding noise from behind his back, right?"

"I heard it too," Charlotte replied.

"Me too." The warrior added.

"I-I thought it was just apart of my imagination." The cleric clenched her staff and looked over her shoulder.

"Why didn't we take him with us in case he knew something?" Gasper asked.

"Because we have no solid evidence to prove he is lying or just clumsy at conversation," Charlotte explained.
The Mutt (played by Eniiko)

When they began to strut off he couldn't help but feel a twist in his stomach... It was love! He'd even put a hand to his stomach and sigh blissfully. It'd be far too easy to assume he was in love with one of the dames of the group but he was actually all gooey over those sparkling gold earrings. His expression was akin to a highschooler sighing over a crush...

His gold eyes gleamed with happiness when they vanished into the tree line. It wouldn't take long for him to rummage through the wreckage for scraps. The bits of metal tingled with rust on his tongue... But clanked against his teeth annoyingly.

He had already spotted a better meal - this scrap churned his stomach. Suddenly his honey sweet expression melted as his dragon temper flaired.

"Gold would have been so much better..." Tobias spat crunched up iron to the ground. He'd decided to leave before they could get back with a wipe of his sleeve.

Opening his side bag he'd whistle into it a few times - producing one of his best sons! A little brown dragonling merely a few years old. The sleepy little wood beastling rubbed at it's eyes and tutted up at his holder.

"Mako, wake up... I need you to follow some people for me! Can you do that?" He spoke very softly to the little one while his hand gently rubbed the little ones head. He was trying to wake them fully before releasing them.

"Go and follow the woman with shinies on her ears, meet me... North West at a building that smells of ale once you get the shinies,"

It was a lot of info for the little dragon but it chirped in response and scuttled into the bushes. Tobias would smile to himself in victory, Mako always followed through...

"That gold is as good as mine!" He couldn't help but softly cheer to himself as he trotted along towards the nearest town. He needed a drink.

Tobias whistled as he went about his way, not noticing several wanted posters plastered on the nearby trees... They all depicted Tobias in some form or another. Most of the sketches showed him looking quite evil.
Charlotte Evergrande (played by Lumaslily)

The crew of adventurers traveled through the thick jungle in search of their companion. The warrior walked in front with a machete in hand, cutting through the thick vegetation so his companions could keep up.

Charlotte kept her eyes to the ground as she looked for footprints hopefully leading towards their companion. Gasper, who looked to be struggling the most was swatting insects with his staff while the cleric was ducking her head so she didn't get hit by Gasper's careless swinging.

The crew continued forward with no sign of their companion causing them to become worried for their missing team member. How far did he scout? Was he caught by the bandits? Was he hurt, kidnapped or possibly killed?

"Maybe he returned back to the carriage and is waiting for us?" The cleric suggested.

"A likely possibility..." Charlotte added.

"Should we go back?" Gasper asked still swatting at bussing insects.

"Yeah, let's go back." The warrior ordered and turned around, but not before being stopped by the sound of something rustling in the bushes. The entire crew stopped immediately and grabbed their weapons. They might have been a little overly cautious, but after everything that happened, it made sense that they would be.

After a few seconds of waiting, an adorable little lizard-like creature appeared from the bushes.

"Aww...hey little guy!" Gasper's face immediately softened as he went to approach the creature, but Charlotte gripped his shoulder causing him to stop.

The little thing eyed the crew until he saw the earrings he was supper to retrieve, shiny golden earrings, with little rubies dangling from the middle.
The Mutt (played by Eniiko)

Mako seemed pleased he didn't have to scuttle through underbrush for too long... The gang of humanoids weren't too far off from the dirt trail. Mako was a small wood hued dragon of small stature - climbing trees was more suitable for his kind. The jungle was no place for a woodland beastling like himself.

When he received a coo from Gasper it seemed to spark something in the little guy - he chirped happily back up at the large human man. His real goal shined in his large black eyes that resembled coal... They gleamed when he caught sight of the shiny earrings. It was well known that dragons of all ages liked gold.

With a little flap of his wings he'd reach up with small claws towards the cooing human to pick him up. He was far too young too fly! Perhaps his mother was nearby... Or he was an orphan. It wouldn't be too clear - the little beastling did not seem to speak.


In a nearby town Tobias slowly began running up a tab of ales and mead... Chewing on a salt shaker mindlessly as he doodled on the counter top with a clawed finger. It took a while to get him drunk... Damned dragon gene. He hadn't been spotted yet in this little pub of criminals - wanted posters and bounties were far from Tobias' mind. He knew he was wanted... But it didn't bother him too much.

He just wanted to die a fun life, not a long life. As far as he was concerned the world owed him... Infact he was currently carving the face of the woman he believed owed him. "Mako hurry up... Sheesh," As far as anyone was concerned he was just some weirdo grumbling about some dame at the bar.
Charlotte Evergrande (played by Lumaslily)

The crew watched the creature walk over to Gasper and make a motion to pick it up. Gasper obliged and scooped him up with his hands and cradled it like an infant, honestly, who could say no to that face?

Gasper turned to his companions with a soft smile on his face as his hidden tail beneath his cloak swayed left to right. "Can we keep him?" He asked.

The cleric who looked to be the youngest stepped towards the creature and started gently caressing its head. The warrior and Charlotte seemed less than enthusiastic about Gasper's new friend.

Charlotte walked over and grabbed the creature from the nape of its neck and held it up to arm's length away from her face.

"No, we do not have time or money for a pet." Charlotte scolded.






Gasper and the cleric collapsed their hands together pleasingly, Charlotte was strict and a little uptight for a bard, but she always felt their best interest at heart. The last thing they needed was a pet to take care of while they looked for their rogue.

Charlotte glanced at the creature and back at her companions if she stared too long she might get infatuated by the creature's cuteness too!

"She is right y' know." The warrior stepped in.

"Of course I am," Charlotte spoke in a slightly haughty tone.

"Ince we find Mirage then maybe we can keep it!" The warrior's lips curled upward playfully causing Charlotte to turn her head towards him.

"You cannot be serious, Dirge..."
The Mutt (played by Eniiko)

While the group argued Mako seemed to sway and wiggle in the grip of the bard. A plan began to brew while she seemed to turn her head towards the warrior to scold them.

CHOMP! He'd bite down hard on the hand that held him by his nape, having twisted his head back and wiggled quite a bit. Once he was most likely dropped he'd lunge at the woman's head and rip an earring free of her ear.

Mako didn't dare stick around to try and get the other shiny - he was lucky to get the one he held in his mouth! The earring dangled from his little mouth as he quickly scuttled under green brushes and over roots.

He was heading straight for the town! In fact he'd almost trip their lost companion in his fleeing path - darting nearly under his boot!

The little beastling hurried on all fours to return to his adoptive father - happy clicks of his milk teeth clanking on the gold in his mouth. He didn't really feel guilt for biting down on the flesh of the bard - but did grieve he hadn't gotten both earrings.
Charlotte Evergrande (played by Lumaslily)

In the midst of their arguing the little dragon chopped down on Charlotte's written causing her to reflexively drop the little monster to the ground. She gripped her wrist as she hunched over in pain. She knew to keep this thing was bad news, she just knew it!

"Bad monster!" Gasper scolded while trying to pick it up, but it slipped from his hands.

Then the creature charged at Charlotte, she reached behind her back to grab her dagger it while her companions tried desperately to catch the little cretin. Unfortunately, they weren't fast enough and the monster reached its little teeth towards Charlotte's earring and yanked it from her ear.

She then began to hold her ear as she felt blood trickle down her cheek, the cleric hurried over to assist her injured friend. "Here, let me heal you!" The cleric raised her staff and was about to use a healing chant to fix the damaged skin.

Charlotte placed a hand on her companion's hand, "we need those spells for emergencies, just get me some bandages."

"I change my mind, we are not keeping that little shit!" Dirge said angrily.

While the three tended to Charlotte they could hear more rustling from the nearby bushes, this was turning out to be a really bad day for all of them. Dirge and Gasper got into fighting positions until the foe revealed itself.

To everyone's surprise, it was Mirage and the carriage horse that came out from within the bushes. Well, that was one issue solved.

Mirage glanced over at everyone, "gods, what happened here?" He asked.

"I was assaulted by a creature that ripped off my earring..." Charlotte grumbled, her eyes lowered expressing a bit of melancholy.

"I saw a little creature past by me not to long ago, it had something in its mouth but I don't know if it was your earning," Mirage replied.

Gasper shot up excitedly, "it might be connected to that sketchy guy we met earlier! We're really close to town so maybe we can get him back!"

Charlotte raised an eyebrow, "you can't just assume that, but then again this all seems to be too convenient" Charlotte stood up at full height her face dark and expressionless, "his name is going to be mud for stealing from me." She muttered and walked off her companion following behind her towards the nearby town.
The Mutt (played by Eniiko)

Tobias found himself perplexed by the beautiful ale they made in this town, his grinning expression reflecting back at him in his half empty mug. He was getting a bit tipsy when the crowd around him started parting and jumping away from some unknown force. Tobias knew better to assume and just kept gnawing at the salt shaker lazily in his hand.

Swearing and grumbling trailed behind Mako as he scurried under boots and zipped between legs... only to plop back into his little nest on Tobias' side. Mako returning seemed to raise Tobias' spirits and cause a toothy grin to spread across his face. "Ahahah Mako my boy, you never fail me..."

That was until only one earring dropped into his extended palm beneath the table. Tobias' face dropped a bit, "Bleh.. Only one? What'd she do? Stomp on yer' tail or something...?" His words ended in a bit of a hiss, judging gold eyes gleaming down until the chirping bag. "Nevermind that... One is better than none," With a shrug he'd toss a bit of jerky down until the bag - the leather bound sack squirming and tossing about as his children fought over the treat.

Tobias didn't seem to mind, giving the bag a hard pat as if to tell them to calm down. His attention was a bit divided... The gold earring glimmered in his clawed fingers under the lights of the tavern. His gold eyes seemed to study it closely while he continued to lick salt from the metal topped shaker with his dragon tongue. "Mmm - I wonder where a dame like that got this... Perhaps a gift from a lover?" He'd flip it over in hands carefully, expression thoughtful. "No, no... She didn't look like the lover type - Hmm.." Tobias often pondered over shiny things when he finally got his hands on them but this time was a bit different. "I bet the metal melts right in your mouth," The bar keep stared at him and his weird gibber gabber...

"Um, sir... How many salt shakers to do plan on chewing on?" The old man at the bar seemed concerned for Tobias, assuming he was going mad from grief over some woman. "Perhaps I could interest you in... a salt block? We have a stable behind -" Tobias would cut him off with a hardened gold glare. "Just keep the drinks going, I'll pay you handsomely for not asking stupid quessstionss," The last word seemed to hiss a bit off his tongue. The bar keep seemed to hurry away from the clacking of Tobias' fangs... Not wanting to bother the sharp toothed man.

When the traveling group would enter the tavern, a wanted poster for Tobias would humorously stick to bottom of the bards boot... smearing his evil depicted face a bit. Tobias wouldn't spot them right away but would have already pocketed the gold earring for safe keeping in an inner pocket. Lucky for him he had been taking a long drink when he locked eyes with the first member of the group to spot him - his face casual and body language slack. "Mmm!" He nearly spat out his drink when he caught sight of their most likely dim expressions... 'Crap! How did they find me? Did they follow Mako?'

"Err - fancy seeing you lot here! Care to take a seat? I'll buy you guys a drink..." The bar was indeed empty, he had scared away a lot of the patrons with his excessive clanking and gnawing on salt shakers. In fact a pile of salt shakers sat next to him and his uneaten plate he had been picking at. Well... more like nibbling at the prongs of his fork with an added bit of food here and there. "Sorry I ran off on ya' I just... needed a drink," He'd nervously eye his stack of empty glasses.

"Don't worry about the coin either, I've got a tab..." He could not for the life of him remember the fake name he'd made up... most likely one his beastlings names but... which one?? Mako? Aze? Rummus?

'Oh shit, what did I introduce myself as... wait, did I drink too much?'
Charlotte Evergrande (played by Lumaslily)

The adventurers followed the creature's trail all the way towards the nearby town. Mirage, their rogue discovered the monster's tracks were leading into a nearby bar. It was a low-quality building that probably housed thieves, bandits, mercenaries, and harlots.

The crew stepped inside, the wooden floor creaking beneath them as the bar's patrons eyed them suspiciously. They saw the sketchy stranger from before chomping on salt near the bartender's table.

They surrounded him from behind, their faces ranging from irritation and anger. Dirge placed a hand on the man's shoulder and gave him a toothy grin, "Therion, didn't we tell you to work first and get drunk second?"

Gasper slapped the man on the back and also put on a fake smile, "yeah, we're supposed to be saving that money for what we need!"

Mirage appeared on the opposite side, "teammates aren't supposed to take things without asking, come, let's get back to the inn!"

Dirge picked the man up and swung him over his shoulder with his strong orcish hands, carried the stranger outside the bar like he was a paper bag. The rest followed behind and took him to a vacant alley where they could unleash their fury.

Charlotte stepped in front of the group and stood over the man after he was thrown to the ground, "Hû ú-gaun....give it back." She spoke in a cold tone, her arms crossed and her eyes hiding her inner rage. Charlotte reached from behind her back and pulled out a light crossbow, holding it directed towards his face and her fingers on the trigger.
The Mutt (played by Eniiko)

"Ah yes," He expected this sort of thing but being lifted? Nope! Tobias couldn't help but wiggle in response to being lifted from the floor like a rag doll. These people were starting to annoy him - but at least he grabbed a drink before they left the bar. He couldn't help but notice they were taking him somewhere more private. 'Huh, I guess they didn't buy it..'

His thoughts weren't all too surprising either. Being slung down on the ground wasn't too friendly but he landed on his ass and not his side bag full of squirming dragon pups so things were looking up at least! When the cross bow jutted out towards his face followed by a rather cold feminine voice he'd lift his eyebrows while he tipped his mug back to drink the last bits of his ale. "Mm?" He couldn't help but wonder what she thought he'd done... Oh! The earring of course.

"What makes you think I took something from you lot?" He couldn't help but give her a grin, leaning to one side with a knee up. He was ready to kick himself up if he needed to. For now he wanted to know exactly what they knew...

"I offered you a drink and this is how you treat me, eh?" Tobias pointed at the bard with his thumb after he'd rub the ale from his stubble coated chin. "Isn't that crossbow a bit big for you?" He couldn't help but glance at the others - he was out numbered and this one was obviously pissed. What did Mako do to them? So far he'd been thrown around like a ragdoll but it was best to act all frail and weak... Well at least till he wasn't seeing double. He knew he could take a hit but wasn't so sure about a point blank cross bow shot to the face. 'Jeez, watch the face...' He wanted to grumble about his looks but she didn't look like the type to push buttons with. He had to think fast. Any lie would work... But they already seemed to see through his deception - so they'd probably think everything he said would be a lie. 'Play dumb...'
Charlotte Evergrande (played by Lumaslily)

Charlotte pulled on the trigger of the crossbow firing an arrow near the side of his face, the arrow was so close to his skin it appeared intentional. "The reason why we figured it out is that you talk too much, that's why and what makes you think you are entitled to our kindness?" Her tone sounded a little shocked when he said this, he honestly could not pretend to be any less self-aware.

Charlotte was about to take another shot at the thief before Gasper stepped in and lowered her hand.

"Woah, Woah, Woah...we should turn him in to the authorities! Lett ing him get under your skin will only just make things worse for us." Gasper spoke in a calm tone in hopes it would settle Charlotte down, Gasper then turned to the thief.

"Let's make a deal, give us the earning and we will pretend this never happened, deal?"

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