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the king of demons has awoken, and he's hungry for darkness. he amasses his armies, preparing them for an invasion.

you play the role of a member of one of the defenders of greenwall, a capital of the land of freedonia. the land fought off the evil demon king, sladar ghist, once before. but now, he's back, and with him he brings an army of demons and orcs that would give their life to fight for him. when the demon king's soldiers begin nearing the city, the king calls upon it's defenders to protect the city from the dark army.

((this rp will take place in pm format, so any number of people are welcome. your choices WILL affect the story in major ways.))
Magic 90%
Magic is very common. Magic-tech, grand floating islands, forests that sing, magical creatures may be an every-day occurrence.
Technology 20%
Iron age
Combat 70%
More combat than not. The setting may be at war, and the characters will likely get involved whether or not they seek it out.

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