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Hi, and welcome to my commission page!

Commission profile with examples and more detail!:

I will be doing some free drawings for a limited time! The drawings will be done in pencil, black and white and on 5x7 sketchbook paper.
These will be practice drawings for me of varying quality, and will also give you an idea of what the character may look like in my style. :)

Slots open for free drawings:

What I sell:
  • Digital Art;

    Full Body ($16)
    Bust ($8 )
    Just background ($6)

    Sci Fi
    Some NSFW
    Surprise me!
  • Traditional Art; (5x7)

    Full Body ($20)
    Bust ($14)
    Background ($10)
    Multiple People ($30-50+:starts at 30 for 2 people and goes up by $5 for each each person you add)

    Sci Fi
    Some NSFW
    Surprise me!
  • Pay what you want!
      Starts at $5
      May be one of the things listed in the other columns or something else (I will have to approve it of course)
      Does not apply to multiple characters option

All Traditional art will either be shipped to the buyer in a protective sleeve and mat board to keep it in good conditions, or a picture of it will be sent to the buyer. It's your choice! :)
Digital art will be sent through links to either Imgur or Flickr, as those are the websites I know how to use. They are created using Autodesk Sketchbook.

As for timing I normally have it done within 3 days to a week, and if you need it by a specific time then I will get it to you within that time frame.

If I am unable to, I will take responsibility and take %50 off the order, or I will send a free $5-$7 traditional mini drawing of your choice as compensation which is 2.5x 5

Link to my digital art examples

Link to my traditional art references and etsy

Link to Etsy Commission page for digital and traditional art

Thank you for reading!
Still open! :)
Thinking of adding already made designs to this or even the wire wrapped jewelry I make, what do you guys think? :)

A night elf I made!
Halloween special! Get 10% off this month using the coupon SPOOKY

Made this into a character profile to help give examples of my work if anyone is interested! :) I also added Wire wrapped jewelry and my mother's custom made miniature sceneries!
Still open! :)
Open! :) If you're looking for traditional art, please order by the 18th to get it to you before Christmas!

An example of a full body traditional drawing!
New pay what you want option!
Still open

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