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Forums » Fantasy Roleplay » Meeting with the Illustrious Sage. 1x1

Erlang Shen (played by Dwightbaby7)

He's quiet, serious, calm and collected. Can you crack his outer shell and see what's inside?

Late at night in the palace, Erlang sat alone by a small furnace. His pole arm in one hand the other hand taking a whetstone to the blade, sharpening the spear calmly. This type of late night activity usually meant Erlang was lonely or prepping for a battle. Though the latter may always be possible no one was aware of a battle in the morning. Strangely enough, the Chinese pantheon lived separately unlike the Egyptians and the Norse. The Illustrious Sage's hair was down, his long black hair hanging into his dark, almost mocha eyes. He lets out a soft sigh and sits his spear against the wall gently, not allowing it to make a sound. He begins quietly pacing the room, not paying complete attention to his surroundings. He occasionally runs his hands through his hair, feeling the soft strands between his fingers. He felt a lot lighter as it was when he was at home, he was not wearing his armor after all and Erlang felt like one day he would be cursed for it by being invaded in his own home. Who knew? He glanced up to see if the person he invited over had made it yet...

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