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Kuro (played by dantefrancis)

"This is Kuro. My ship got badly damaged.In need of extraction.Coordinates are 267-055."Kuro wouls set back the radio and look at the sky above.He was currently in a tropical planet.But he was stuck here for who knows how many days.He been finding parts in a Crashed Frieghter. But he might of entered a war zone and his ship got shot down.He managed to land it,but he's stuck on a planet,with no way to get off.He only had the armour and guns that his parents gave him.And he was hunting to get food.But he's running low on ammo.The Laserkraftwerk,Diselkraftwerk,and Electrokraftwerk only energy and fuel from the ship, and he's runinng low on that too.

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The Extras (played by Arcol)

The Armistice entered the regional coordinates, the fleet its captain had amassed following close behind. The Traveler at the helm gazed down onto the planet before heading towards the hangar, leaving the Vykeen pilot in temporary command. Using his favored ship, dubbed the “Solstice,” the unnamed traverser of stars launched away from his vessel, entering the atmosphere of the world below to a point near the signal.
Kuro (played by dantefrancis) Topic Starter

Kuro got something on his radar on his ship as his power cell was still intact. He grabbed his Submachine gunand hid behind a rock. He ejected the clip and saw that he only had...10 bullets."Really...oh, well better make them count...He saw the ship coming from the atmosphere and put Helmet on, covering his head. Without the shows his face but he thinks he good...for now. When the ship came down,he primed the gun and got ready.
The Extras (played by Arcol)

The Traveler exited his craft, no emotion on his face, mostly because there was no face at all; it was a glowing globe surrounded by rings, atop a ruined mechanical body, wires burst at the seems and frame majorly damaged, but still functional. “Greetings,” he, it, called out, it’s metallic voice ringing in the atmosphere, “we are here to aid the one who has sent this signal. Where are you?”
Omnissiah's Fury had entered the system to respond to the distress from a crashed ship, at 10 kilometers long it was a sight to behold. Lazaras had a
Thunderhawk to go and land on the planet and leave himself to find distresser because he needed a vacation from his duties as a Magos
Kuro (played by dantefrancis) Topic Starter

Kuro looked at the man and saw that he really wasn't a man. More like a machine. He turned on his head on display, which turned his vison a dark red. He scanned the machine where he was and saw that it was a different model than him, but that was obvious. But out of all the robots, this saw the most unique due to the fact that it had an orb for a head. "I'm Kuro, A hybrid."His heads on display were showing that something was entering the atmosphere.
"Greetings Kuro, I am Lazaras Someon, Magos Dominus of the Adeptus Mechincius; and captain aboard of my ship "Omnissiah's Fury", he answered to Kuro and then asked "what do you mean by hybrid"
The Extras (played by Arcol)

“We calculate that we are the subject of his assumption,” the machine answered, “it is truth, but not all truth; we are many, yet one all the same. And we deduct that you have arrived to rescue this organism as well. Is this correct?”
Kuro (played by dantefrancis) Topic Starter

" could say that."Kuro would turn off his heads on display, due to the fact that it was dropped on the other side of the planet."So, how did you get passed the war zone?That's the only way to this planet. Unless you know of another route, that is."Kuro would look at both of them and ask,"How bad the war is now?"
Lazaras had landed and talked to the man as Kuro was talking to The Traveler and hadn't known others were on the planet but it did not matter to him. He then looked to The traveler and said to him, "Your assumption is indeed correct, I responded to the distress call coming from this world." He then looked to Kuro and saw his current state and deducted that he must be the distress caller and he then spoke to him and told him, " My ship was able to jump past the War zone but it almost broke the ship apart and I wouldn't recommend taking that court of action unless it's your only options. The war is still going with a stalemate in effect and each faction can't get or find a tactical advantage towards each other."

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