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Closed, hence the title

I need a bit of help in writing a descriptive passage about a city. I have a short story and I'm in a bit of a writer's block. And since I have a deadline for this story, I might as well ask the community for help, right?

Only requirements are my idea and that the paragraph not be too long (I don't want this scene to take up literally half the story's runtime. I got a 1000 to 1500 word limit on my paper.)[/list]

So the idea is that you're (male, btw) looking out the window of a train in Tokyo (or anything with those bright lights, you get the idea). It's nighttime, and you're alone on the train. Actually, there's this one girl in front of you, trying to sleep. Maybe write about her appearance. She's of Asian descent (Japanese is not a must. She could be Korean, Chinese, whatever).

Note: if I need any more help, I might message on this forum again. If you'd like to help again, thanks a bunch!

Sorry for this request. I have no rewards as well for this, so I'll be super grateful if you actually respond and help me out.

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