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Hey, everyone! As usual, im always super anxious about making public threads like this so im sorry in advance if this comes off as super awkward lol but I got permission from Kim to make a little post about a virtual pet site I play on <3 Its been having a real decline in attention and the admin there asked its users to spread the word as best we can so here I am!

Xanje is pretty cool, I mean like any site it has its ups and downs/pros and cons but all in all I enjoy it- Its a pet game that takes place in its own universe actually, and revolves around certain planets that each pet species is/can be specific to! Theres a ton of species that come in all sorts of patterns/breeds so I'll be throwing my own personal favorites in this thread to show off a little but because I love them so much. So, if you're into virtual pet games then please check Xanje out with this link!!

Some of my personal favorite pets (which I encourage you to click on!!) are the grummeows, plazmarazz, and sabertooth nyari. Now I know these species are entirely made up for the world of Xanje but there are some earth-based pets as well I'll show ya guys <3

My personal favorite pets in general:

These two are particularly special because they're in honor of two of my past cats <3 They also have giant deer which are based on an extinct species of deer, corgis, rabbits, and hounds.

These don't even begin to scratch the surface as far as pets go on the site though, and I honestly really recommend checking it out. I know it probably seems rather childish, especially seeing as im 21 years old and actively on it but most of the community is made up of adults, and its a 13+ site!

But, the best feature of Xanje I think is the fact you can have as many pets as you want- theres no limit, no need to feed, the pets do not die, and theres always new patterns coming out for them! Anyhow, I think my little ramble here is done <3 Feel free to throw any questions at me, I've been on Xanje for 2 years now so I should be able to answer things pretty easily lol and maybe even drop some names of pet sites you enjoy too, im always willing to check other ones out!!

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