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"Look," The girl in front of you asks, a bored expression upon her face as she leans against your locker. "I need a favor." The girl standing in front of you, in the dark corners of the hallway, taking a cigarette from her pack without hesitant, was the rare Elizabeth Keenan. The rule of the school, the sassiest and sarcasticest of the popular kids, in front of your face, talking to you. Her blue hair is tied into two braids and her glasses not present today, (she put in her contacts) and her regular mix-matched outfit, shorts with tights underneath and a tucked in shirt. She fiddled with her nose ring before she spoke, looking around her although everybody else was in class. As if she was being watched. Or as if she didn't want anybody to hear her next words.

"I need you to fake a relationship with me."

Woo! Haven't done one of those in a while! Welcome back to the wonderful joy of my rp ads. If you don't remember me I used to be XxCandy-ChanXx, and yes my writing I think has gotten better!

I had recently remade Elizabeth, who had originally been a crippled nerd girl- but now a badass. XD And would love to get her into some rps! Although, I am not very recent anymore on RPR- as you could probably tell- so this rp will take place on Discord. I might make some exceptions for people who do not have an account on Discord or just would like to do it on RPR, but I'd really prefer if it were to be on Discord.

If you're interested, please comment on this forum. Thank you!! <3 I know I'm being strict but my roleplay style/rules ain't what they used to be, sorry.. ^^' Love yous!


Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, one-off scene.

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Hey!! Your prompt caught my attention! I'm a Discord user too and I'd also prefer role-playing in that platform! I will be happy to send you a friend request! c:

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