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joined june 2nd 2017, 4:51pm.
original name: XxCandy-ChanXx



i n f o !

♡ name : eden, though most on here remember me by lexi or candy .
♡ gender : nonbinary, i lean between masculine and feminine. right now i'm more feminine.
♡ prns : i use any, but prefer he/him .
♡ sexuality : i am pansexual and aceflux (yes, the ace spec is a sexuality to me)
♡ appearance : you can find that out here !
♡ origin / habitat : central ny !! very boring here. not like nyc.
♡ important things include : i have autism so please be aware of that and that i might misunderstand !!

f a c t s !

♡ i have a big fear of abandonment (known as autophobia) which includes being left behind, alone, or forgotten about.
♡ i completely gave up on gender recently having been questioning it since i was 9 years old, hence why i am now nonbinary.
♡ i am autistic !! so are two of my siblings. this means i am more likely to misunderstand so please be aware of this ! i have sensory issues that sometimes make every touch burn and me very overwhelmed along with a variety of other things.
♡ i am going to go to college for psychology !! i have about two more years until then but i believe that is what i want as i've been spending a majority of my life digging my own issues and how my brain works !
♡ i used to roleplay heavily from 10-14 years old but grew inactive as my friends on here did with school and traumatic events.

♡ this next section is a big tw / are things i prefer to not have brought up unless i want to. ♡
♡ i have a heavy case of depression and have since i was 10 years old, along with panic disorder.
♡ i have an eating disorder that stemmed when i was 9 and has on and off been very heavily affecting me. it currently still is and i've lost quite a bit of weight in just 3 months.
♡ i have a history of self harm and attempts due to my mental state.
♡ i am currently trying to reopen a legal case to get my abuser/rapist in jail. he had groomed me and manipulated me from 12-14 and due to that, i have severe cptsd and issues.

please try not to bring these topics up unless i give the okay or you ask. thank you !

f a v e s !

tv shows: bojack horseman, euphoria, trinkets, victorious, icarly (old one, new one sucks), bluey, blues clues
movies: the fault in our stars, paper towns, jack of the red hearts, diary of a teenage girl, the divergent series, crybaby, pretty in pink, grease, breakfast club, sixteen candles, the secret world of arrietty, ponyo
anime: madoka magica, mirai nikki (future diary), anohana: the flower we saw that day, magikano, another, hourou musuko (wandering son), fairy tail, gakkougurashi (school-live)
books: the fault in our stars, paper towns, the abundance of katherines, speak, wintergirls, divergent series, percy jackson series
bands: pierce the veil, skillet, deftones, paramore, ghosttown, set it off, badadoobee, melanie martinez, juice wrld, lil peep, marina, my chemical romance and many more. . .

s o c i a l s

♡ pinterest : lemondrxpsx
♡ instagram : edenswxld
♡ discord : my tag changes a lot so just ask !
♡ youtube : lemondrxpsx
♡ tiktok : edenswxld


r p r u l e s !

♡ i prefer to roleplay with people 15+ ! nothing against anybody, just what makes me comfy
♡ patience is key !! please be patient with me. i have lots going on and sometimes forget about this site or to respond. little check ins are fine, but please don't rush me ! it makes me not want to do it anymore.
♡ please at least be able to write 2+ paragraphs ! one liners aren't my style, sorry ! i happily can flex my style for you, but not to that level. i typically write up to 3-5 paragraphs, and in really big roleplays, i can go up to 11 (have before !)
♡ PLEASE. DON'T. CONTROL. MY CHARACTERS. it's a big pet peeve of mine and i'd greatly prefer you didn't. you don't know my character or what i want them to say. let me do my part.

r p n o t e s !

♡ my roleplays can vary, but sometimes i may go into triggering topics due to my character's background. if you have an issue with that, please tell me so we can work something out !
♡ my character's thoughts or actions are not mine !! a few of them are reflected on my own personal issues, but most of the time they're fictional.
♡ OOC chatter is fine but do be aware i'm very awkward unless i know you !! i have autism as i said, so social cues are difficult.
♡ don't be afraid to text me if something is wrong or you have a new idea !! i'm always open minded on anything and would be glad to hear it

f a n d o m s !

♡ bojack horseman
♡ madoka magica
♡ percy jackson
♡ divergent
this part is a wip !!

r p d n i !

♡ if you're just in it for NSFW purposes
♡ you do not respect boundaries
♡ you one-line (again, sorry)

memories that i think about, forevermore ♡
the best brother in the world.
Noeii had been with me through a lot. With my depression, my school drama, and I had been there with him through his experiences. He always made me feel so safe and comforted. Without him, I don't know if I'd be here today. I admire him so much and I hope someday we reunite. I love you, Noe. I miss you.

the gayest friend and brother i'll ever have.
Oak was introduced to me about a year after Noeii and I met. At first, he was a friend of Noe's, one who gave him a snake. . . I was there to witness that turn into a first date, and then eventually, engagement. I'm so lucky to be able to watch them grow. Oaky was always so so kind and barely got upset. He was caring and always made sure everyone was happy, all while juggling multiple jobs. I admire him too. He always made me laugh and smile with his words. I miss you, too, Oak. I hope we get back in touch, too.

my scottish best friend
Ash was the start of it all. Ash brought us together, had us meet each other, and formed what we were. Without him, I wouldn't have met these people. My family. Even if we've drifted apart, Ash has always been an inspiration to me. He was the reason I came out, the reason I changed my name, and got the courage to do these things. He's an inspiration to tons of trans people out there and I'm so so proud of how far he's come. I love you, I miss you. Text me sometime.

bluntest one i know
Rykes and I went off on a bad start, I remember. We hated each other and I couldn't exactly pinpoint why, but eventually we put it aside and soon grew close. Ryker wasn't just "Noe's brother" to me for very long; he was also like mine. He never really showed he cared in a kind way, just by being honest and blunt, which in a way was better. It opened my eyes a bit more. We grew out of touch a few years ago but I miss you. I'm sorry we didn't talk more.

gayest cowboy i've ever met
Kans was my first friend here on rpr and, although we too grew out of contact, still is. We've gone through ups and downs, but for the most part, he's always been there. He's kind and cares for everyone around him, and always made us laugh in group chats and dms. Our roleplays although going nowhere most of the time made my days. I can't believe he's still kicking here, but it seems he's being a bit inactive lately. I hope we can talk often again. Missed you.


Rave Reviews

So I don't think I've had much of a chance to rp with Candy yet, but I have to say, I do enjoy seeing her LFRP posts! They always seem so detailed and I even like looking at her characters! They are all so unique! I hope to find a chance to rp with her soon! - Gab
candy is awesome!! she's such a great roleplayer and is very descriptive with her responses, all while being an amazingly understanding person. she has thought-out replies that flow beautifully to let the person know exactly what is happening, and is a super nice person overall. if you ever wanna roleplay with someone, i suggest her!!~ - pallets

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