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Gears of War
Catus Jones

Javelins.Suits of armor made to sure to survive Nuclear wars. However, they are known to keep the peace. You will have a specific Javelin that suits you, and help protect the people. You will also, with a team find a malfunctioning device that will fuse both the Destiny Universe, As that is happening, the device malfunctions again and forcefully fuses the third universe and a team of all the different universes will have to find to stabilize and co-exist in the new world that they are in.

To Join, you must have a character in the Universe that you want to play in

Your Character cannot be a god. That will not be fun for other people.

For Guardians, you abilities and Super will be slowed down due to the lack of Light. There is also mostly lightless area, meaning if you get injured it's up for your Ghost to heal you as fast as possible, or your teammates to get you out.

Other than that,just ask me to join,and you'll be find.
Redstar (played by Foxy_TheWarrior)

Could I use Redstar?
For the lore of the games and Rp, no anthropomorphic characters cannot be used. So please use/make another if you want to join.

Drones, usually referred to as Grubs by Gears, are the foot soldiers of the Locust Horde. Completely loyal to their Queen, the Drones are willing to toss their lives away in a second to kill a single Gear.[1] The Drones are said to be bred by the Queen herself.[3] Many different classes of Drones specialize in different forms of combat. They are born and bred for combat, fearless even when outnumbered. There have been reports of Drones appearing on the surface stealing children and other humans decades before the Pendulum Wars, but up until just before Emergence Day, these have turned into nothing more than fairy tales and urban legends.[4] Years before E-Day, the Locust Horde had been building up its army in preparation for the invasion of the surface. Six weeks after the Pendulum Wars ended, the Horde attacked all major Seran cities, with Drones leading the charge.Drone Varients(Beast Rider, Bolter, Cleaver Theron, Cyclops, Flame Drone, Flame Grenadier, Grappler, Grenadier, Grenadier Elite, Gunner, Hunter, Hunter Elite, Miner, Palace Guard, Savage Drone, Savage Grenadier, Savage Grenadier Elite, Savage Hunter, Savage Marauder, Savage Theron, Sniper, Spotter, Theron Elite, Theron Guard, Theron Sentinel)


Boomers were large, brutish, markedly less intelligent Locust who earned their reputation as the Locust Horde's heavy weapon specialists. Several variations appeared over the course of the Locust War, and the Lambent Pandemic. While unintelligent, Boomers are extremely dangerous enemies to deal with, as their Boomshot can deal a lot of damage (or kill the player on harder difficulties), and they can take a lot of punishment before they die. Fortunately, players can easily tell when they are about to attack, as they yell "BOOM!" before firing their weapon. Boomer Varients(Butcher, Flame Boomer, Grinder, Mauler, Mauler Elite, Savage Boomer, Tremor)


The Kantus were one of the three primary races of the Locust Horde. Taller and leaner than Drones, Kantus were actually Locust priests and fulfilled a support capacity on the battlefield, reinvigorating injured Locust with their characteristic chanting.


Berserkers are female Locust Drones. Blind but powerful, Berserkers were known for their highly developed sense of hearing and smell, extremely durable bodies, and extremely aggressive behavior.
How about Tenshi and Sarsha?

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