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Hey ya, you can address me as Blue.

I am kinda new but not totally new. I mean I have made characters, worked how to use the site and started few one on one rps. But I am still learning how to interact with others here, what people lean more towards here, what not, all that stuff.

So I may be new to this site but not new to roleplay. I be roleplaying for years now, changed sites. Stayed on some for long, stayed on some for few days or months. So far I am liking it here.

Okay so this one site, I liked very much and I was all comfortable. I met a person, we did and oc x oc woth her male and my female and then my male and her female. We became best of friends through it. So we used share lot of ideas, combing two plots, creating new things and then putting out four ocs together, kind of like group, not double up and we did great roleplays together. But we had to part, so story cutting to short, she went inactive and few years later here I am.

I was hoping to find that sort of connection with someone here. What do you think would I find it here? Or If you are interested trying to work it out than let me know.
Hi Blue,

I recommend posting this in the Looking For Roleplay forums to find people to write with you. The small talk forum is more for generalized discussions and chatting. :) Best of luck!

You are on: Forums » Smalltalk » oc x oc?

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