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She clenched her head that was pounding, she felt a bump on it. "Ugh." She mumbled, she could feel her lips were dry as if all the water in her body had been sucked out of it. She licked her lips and looked around the dark place she had landed in. How long had she been out? "Hello?!" She called out as she heard a noise to her right. A light came on and a plump woman was at the door. "Oh dear I'm glad you're awake, my master would like to see you. That maybe I'll bring him down seeing as you are very pale." The woman walked over to her and poured her a glass of water "drink it up dear, I'll be back shortly."

With that the woman left. _____ looked around the small room that she was in, she could have sworn that she had fallen into a hole earlier that day or maybe it had been two months seeing as her pink hair had grown past her shoulders already. She got up to go look at herself in the mirror, feeling rather dizzy as she walked over. "Where the heck am I?" She asked herself. The clothes she had on were a couple sizes bigger. She had lost a lot of weight she could tell that by her face. Her cheeks were sucked in and she could see her jaw bones popping out more than usual. "I need to eat…" she made her way back to the bed she had been on.

She would faint again as soon as she found out she had landed in another world. How she got there, like any human would, a portal was open and she fell through. A human hadn't landed in this another world for a million years. When she fell she landed on an estate of some prominent master, a lot of people had flocked to this masters house to try and take her but he had first choice since she had landed on his estate. Now what he would do with her now that she was awake, no one knew. In the standards of beauty for this place she was last place, so surely he would sell her off to become someone's else's problem. She laid down and closed her eyes waiting for the lady and her master to come back. The man the lady brought back was around her age. "The master was busy ma'am but his son insisted I bring him down and he'll inform his father at a later time."
opened her eyes and sat up to look over at the maid and the master's son.

Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred.

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