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This Looking For RP topic is marked as closed, meaning it is no longer seeking new players.

Saltora (played by North-Wood)

I am looking to rp in the world, with the characters, and my own. Also yours if you want! Open to groups as well. I would prefer 18+ for a partner due to me not liking to hold back details and I don't want to type something deemed inappropriate. Also: Saltora does use bad language at times. If you can handle m rated type things (No smut or such, just how I like to describe things when the rp allows it), make sure you tell me.

"Larger" plot (in case someone wants to do one)

Saltora and Sandy reunite, but Saltora brings news that the Wishbringer race (Sandy's race) has a few members left. However, the Blackhole Raiders (Saltora's race, but she is no longer part of them) are trying to hunt them down. Together, the Guardians, Pitch (yeah, he's coming back), Saltora, and other beings (aka: your character if you so desire) must band together to find the remaining Wishbringers and bring them to Earth to be safe. What happens when the Raiders decide to head to Earth in an attempt to destroy the inhabitants?

May end up being character death (one of the found Wishbringers may end up dying)
If it works for plot or comedy: flirting/romance
Whatever my messed up head comes up with

Slice of life

I am also looking to do slice of life type rps as well. If you want a quick rp, we can do this. Some plots I want to do include:
Saltora and Sandy reuninting/ Saltora meeting the rest of the Guardians
Your character/ someone they know are making a last wish and Saltora grants it (Character death warning here)
Saltora and Sandy catching up; Saltora reporting what happened to the other Wishbringers

Open to other ideas as well.

Comment below or shoot me a message!

Details: Freeform, long-term RP partner preferred, one-off scene.

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