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Anonymous (played anonymously)

M/F, F/F, or M/M

Your character has some kind of problem. It could be a mental illness, it could be a termination or a breakup, or it could just be a bad day where the buses were late and nothing goes right.

My character encounters YC somewhere (at a bus stop, on an elevator, at the gym, outside kicking a car tire, who knows?).

They're doing something odd that catches my characters attention. What are they doing? That's up to your creativity!

My character, although shy, is really curious about what's going on in your character's day that has upset them, so my character approaches yours, and they end up having a sweet, tender moment, even though they're strangers.

I'm looking for fluff. Hugs, shy smiles, blushes, wiping tears away, holding hands, whispering sweet reassurances. Resisting help at first, but fluff in the end! <3

Example in Third Person

"Why are you kicking that...what are you... stop that! That's someone's car! And you'll hurt your foot!" Jessica called out from a safe distance across the parking lot.

The man turned around and glared at her. She shifted her weight, feeling suddenly self conscious in her khaji shorts and T-shirt, with no make up.

"It's my car, lady! And my foot!" he shouted back. He went back to kicking the car tire.

Jess hesitantly took a step forward.

"What if he's an axe murderer?" She thought. But she found she couldn't walk on by.

In moments, she found herself right behind the angry, sweating, swearing man.

"Hey," she said to announce her presence. She could see his body tense. Trembling slightly, she reached a hand out and placed it on the possibly crazy axe-murderer man's back. "What's wrong?" she whispered from behind him.

Jess full expected the man to turn around and punch her in the face. She closed her eyes and braced herself.

Example in First Person

As I was walking out of the mall with my shopping bags, I heard and saw the strangest thing.

It was you--well-dressed and neatly groomed---kicking the wheel of a blue Camero over and over again, and screaming profanities. Other shoppers were walking past, most quickly, and no one was stopping.

I paused, letting out a shaky breath, then cut across the parking lot and walked up right behind you.

I stuck my hands in my pockets.

"Hey," I said softly, trying to announce my presence without startling you.

I see your body tense, but you don't turn around.

My hand trembling slightly, I reach out and place it on your back. I lean in closer, rising onto tiptoes to say it again.

"Hey," I whisper again. "What's wrong?"

I fully expect to be cussed out, or punched in the face. I brace myself for the worst.

PM me if interested.

Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, one-off scene. Will be played one-on-one.

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Um so i was wondering if you're still up for rping with me,the plot seems interesting and im willing to give it a try.
This sounds adorable! I love the fluff <3 I am hoping that you are still open for this plot. I have plenty of angsty sons that would be perfect for this plot hahaha! Also, I am interested in mxm! I hope that is okay with you- I am new to this site so I hope that I am doing this right by replying to this forum!
Is this still up? I would love to do this rp with you and I can see that the rp will be very interesting.

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