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Anonymous (played anonymously)

Lex sat in the front of the classroom, fiddling with his Avengers erasers, trying to look invisible.

"Lex? Help Jorge with the answer to number two. I know you'll have it," Mrs. Donaldson said, smiling, waving him up to the board.

It never worked. Trying to look invisible.

In the hall, Jorge and his friends pushed him up around, Rodrigo using his body to push him against the lockers.

"You're always trying to act so smart, wedo, make the teacher give us more work. Why don't you just shut your mouth?" Rodrigo sneered.

"I...I..." Lex stammered. "I don't know."

Jorge and Rodrigo laughed at his fear. Jorge, who was 2 feet taller than little Lex, touseled his blonde hair. "He's scared. He's such a little baby. We can't jump him."

Rodrigo smirked and shook his head. He pointed at the shivering, skinny, blonde kid, putting his finger right under his nose.

"Just don't make us look bad again, comprende?" Then to Jorge he agreed, "Let's get out of here."

Lex slid to the ground where he was, his back to the lockers, and hugged his knees until they stopped shaking. He didn't even know what he had done wrong. Only that he did not want to ever see those boys again. The halls were clear, but he looked around to be sure before allowing himself to bury his face in his knees for a moment, and cry.

It didn't last long. Lex soon lifted his scrawny body off the floor of the hallway, stood up, and wiped his eyes.

What class is this? he thought, and then he realized. Recess. It's recess And then lunch. He sighed. He had no use for either.

Lex walked mournfully to his spot. It was a spot in the school no one knew about but him. Or at least that's how it felt to Lex.

There was a never used janitors closet attached to the library. Long ago, someone had put a comfy chair in there, for some reason. There was also a sink.

Otherwise, the space was filled with mop buckets, old mops that should be thrown away, odds and ends, and boxes of books that were too old to keep on the shelf.

Lex loved the place more than anywhere else in the school, and it was where he went to escape from the world.

Lex was snuck into her closet now.
I wonder when the Killin' Time begins in this story

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