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So, I've recently been giving all of my free time to the likable game known as Fire Emblem: Three Houses. At least, I'd like to think it's likable. A solid eighty percent of the Super Smash Bros community have a different opinion. But, I'm not here to tell you whether or not Byleth should be welcome to Smash. (But, they totally should.)
Instead, I'm here to share some of my ideas that would take place in the Universe of Three Houses. I'm forming more and more ideas as I continue to play this game, and they all revolve around sending my characters into that world. Then again, I'm pretty confident in my skills of playing a mute mercenary. I happen to have more ideas involving my original characters, however. For example, imagine a fourth House? Still thinking of a name for it, though. The game already took the first three colors and animals I would think of, hah.
To specify - and disappoint plenty of people, I'm sure - I'm afraid I'm only looking for writing partners capable of playing as the original cast from the game. There's just a couple loopholes that I'd be willing to accept, as well. I'm hoping to see some interests in this. Thank you for reading.

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