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So, I don't know who else will be as excited by this as I am, but is getting a kickstartered upgrade and it looks AMAZING!!


I've added HeroForge screen shots of some of my characters pages in the past but now they're adding COLOR!


Along with a TON of other stuff. The most interesting to this site specifically is the PHOTO BOOTH option, that lets you take a picture of the full color character that you have put together using their HUGE database of adjustable options!

Here's the link to the kickstarter page.

There's sixteen days left as of the posting of this thread and they are already WAAAAAY over their goal, but that's not gonna stop me from contributing so I can get in on that sweet, sweet photo booth action! Maybe you'll want to as well? Who knows? At least now you know about it and have the option! I'm so excited!


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Heimdall Moderator

YES! I backed this on the first day! Their tool is totally free to use if you just plan on building characters (not buying minis or STLs), and the color tools are gonna add so much to that experience. I am salivating. They also just hit their stretch goal of face sliders, so it's about to get even better. (And if you do order physical minis, the quality is great!)

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