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I'm interested in Paypal, digos (mostly portspaces!) or other designs/art. Please don't take any of these, because a lot of them I've paid for or had them bought by a friend. As for anyone who might offer designs/art, I will be slightly picky in advance!

If interested, PM me or send a whisper to Omnic or Tarquinne. I can also be reached on discord as Rook#0729


Tabby, +1 10$
Fox 5$
Kirin 10$
Feral Dragon 10$
Horned Lady 5-10$
Dragon Sketch 5-10$
Porcupine 10$
Demon Lady 25-30$
Naga - 10$
Viking 5$

Furcadia Alts

Mayrin, Ported x1 5$
Istoph, Ported x1 5$
Itri, ported x1 with a few pieces of art 15-20$
Endewyn, Ported x1. 5$
Sveri, ported x3, multiple art. 50$
Ravanie, ported x6, multiple art. 60$
Lelianna, ported x1 with art

You are on: Forums » Art & Creativity » Selling Designs (and furc alts)

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