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Jay (played anonymously)

I've never tried this one before, but it works perfectly for what I want to do with Jay here! Something cute and fluffy for the killer for hire! .... Yeah, that about sums it up.

Jay is a werewolf who, notoriously in whichever setting we choose, has no qualms in killing for a bit of payment. The biggest problem in that line of work is when children get involved. Unlike some, no matter the extremes she will go to in making sure her mark is dead, she draws a very big line when it comes to children. Since those that had previously asked her to do such things were never seen again, no one seems to be aware of this soft spot. Which is exactly why I want to explore it!

For this, I am seeking a child character. Boy, girl or something else makes no difference to me or her. Please keep in mind, this rp will have 0, zero, nada, NO romance whatsoever! I don't do age play. Any race is fine, just keep in mind that Jay does not like vampires. If you wish to use a vampire child, depending on the character and how they make Jay feel, it may or may not end well (her current feelings toward all vamps being to kill on sight).

As for how they meet, totally open for ideas! Since the setting can be anything from medieval to futuristic, options are plenty.

Some quick ideas you can feel free to use or combine:
    *YC discovers Jay wounded in the forest
    *YC is lost and clings to Jay when she finds them
    *YC is being threatened or in a slave auction, Jay 'intervenes'
    *YC is in an immediate life threatening emergency, Jay saves them

Please be aware that while Jay has good intentions, she is not accustomed to being around or caring for a child. She is brash, loud and overall not the best person to take care of anyone when she barely manages to take care of herself. Although the point of this rp is to show she has some human qualities left in her, there are almost definitely going to be moments that include: swearing, excessive violence, death, detailed gore, brief mentions of nudity, poor parenting choices, awkward hugs, weird bed time stories, overly protective instincts, and plenty of warm/fuzzy feelings to go around!

I prefer 3rd person and multiple paragraphs from my partner, as that is how I rp. But if all else fails, at least give me three paragraphs. I will match or exceed this in the majority of my replies.

If I haven't lost your interest yet, but you don't have a character, still feel free to hit me up for an rp! If you do have a character, or have a desire to make one, also feel free to message me!
Madison (played by QueenMarty00)

Hello, I quite like this idea. I am really interested and would like to roleplay as one of my characters Madison. I like your suggested ideas for how to have the opening scene. My favourite ones are *My character gets lost and clings to Jay when she finds them and *My character is being threatened or in slave auction, Jay 'intervens'. My idea would be to mix them up and have my character she could be an orphane and is being threatened somewhere by someone and she runs away from them. When running bumps into you and clings onto you hoping you could help her...
But we can always change it a bit or have a different scene XD but I'd like to roleplay this idea with you.
Hi I’m extremely interested in this plot.
Jay (played anonymously)

Hey there QueenMarty00! Sounds good ^_^ I will work on a starter asap.

StellerJay! Message sent ^_^

PS. Please be patient with me v.v I am getting sick so may disappear for a couple days at a time or posts may be a little bland, but I will try to keep up!
Madison (played by QueenMarty00)

Okay, Jay :) that sounds good and sorry to about you getting sick, hope you get well soon :)

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