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Helena Anastas (played anonymously)

Why was she here? She literally works at a coffee shop. So, why was she here, looking outside a window in a coffee shop literally right down the street from the coffee shop where she worked? To put it simply, she might have just liked their coffee just a bit more, but also she was stuck inside due to a thunder storm. The young woman sighed as she looked outside seeing the people walking, some even running to find shelter because they hadn’t brought an umbrella, much like her. She would occasionally laugh when someone would almost trip, although those laughs didn’t last very long. Surprisingly enough, the coffee shop was pretty empty so she just felt awkward laughing by herself. She sighed and looked at her phone, checking the weather. She may have to walk home without umbrella and risk getting soaking wet or even sick. The young woman groaned and leaned her head upon on the table in front of her, burying her face with her arms. She perked up a bit when she heard the sound of the door opening. She lifted her head up and there they were...

The most beautiful person she’s ever seen.

Hello! I haven’t been active in a while and I’d really love to get back into role playing! I do have a few rules though! I would prefer not to do anything smut or sexual related, just pure fluff. Also, gender does not matter to me, if you want to roleplay with me, go for it! Lastly, usually when starting I would prefer to have at the very minimum two paragraphs or more if you want. I will try to match up with however many paragraphs you have so neither of us will have to feel intimidated or feel the need to add more. Anyway, DM me if interested! Bye!

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