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I was organising my display case + thought it was odd we couldn't buy a custom slot to create our own little logo or item to put on display.

I was wondering if this has been suggested already?

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Kim Site Admin

I honestly don't think this has ever occurred to me. What did you have in mind?
wilts Topic Starter

We could make little bats, fairies, birds, skulls maybe - it all comes down to personal aesthetic preference. I think it would add the potential to create a very unique user profile :) Maybe you buy the item + upload your own art as a large 500 x 500 and it's approved and optimised into icon form?
Kim Site Admin

Putting icons on your page just for the aesthetic sounds like something easily accomplished with the BBCode img embed, without creating a new queue of images for mods to review (and for a pixel artist to have to convert.)

I see the appeal but there's also a lot of downsides for the RPR as en entity, so I think this is not something I'll be implementing any time soon :)

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