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I have an extra purple enchanted silk cloak and a Star Gazer Lilly. These are both limited-run items available for real money in the RPR store. The cloak grants users a permanent extra character slot (you have a limit of 10 character slots on your profile). I believe the Stargazer Lilly was the first of the lilies to be offered in the store. It is not currently available and I do not know if it will be available again in the future. Normally, enchanted cloaks are only available in blue. The other colors (red, purple, green, and rainbow) are only available in Enchanted Wardrobes that can only be purchased in December.

I would be interested in trading the Star Gazer Lilly and/or purple cloak for the following items: A blue rose, a purple rose, a rainbow cloak, or a green cloak. These are the only items I would be open to trading and there is nothing else in my inventory I want to part with beyond these two items. Reply here or PM me if you are interested in doing the trade.

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