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Nerco (played by dantefrancis)

Nervous would walk into the safe house as he would take off the face mask.

"The world has gone to shit..."Nerco would take a seat on a metal box,as he would look at the ground. He hates the lifestyle he has to live.Sure,he's a Nomad, or at least he was.

Nerco grab a small cylinder container,and would walk down the stairs.

"Margos? Got the component you wanted"
Lazaras, the self-proclaimed "Magos" of the future was busy in his hidden workshop where he was at work at a new weapon. Although he could be working on medicine he did not know the advance of complications of the Virus and did not know what to do on making the cure. But he did have a certain way of thinking in dealing with his problems... and haven't failed him now so why should he change it.

He knew Nerco was already there but didn't say anything but when he heard him he instantly, "Bring what I deserve to me waste-spawn." He insinuated as Nerco got his title wrong... again. But Lazaras wouldn't admit it but he did enjoy the insults as it reminded him of his old colleague from his old university.
Nerco (played by dantefrancis) Topic Starter

Nerco would roll his eyes as he would walk down and set it down.

"Yeah,I know.You don't have to state that every time.I don't have the memory of the machines"

Nerco would then lay on the makeshift bed he made on the floor,using a old blanket and mattress.Life been stressed,to say the least.The badlands was a good choice,but the lack of resources made it hard.

"Also this wastespawn is willing going out to gather your supplies, or do you want me to annoy the living hell out of you"

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