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They say that the hill where old Crottletor stands used to be the site of an ancient battle between two kingdoms long forgotten by mortal men. The hill's incline, where dirt paths and humble cottages now stand- where children are like to play and pick flowers- was once awash in the blood of soldiers from lands far away. They say that this battle was decisive in the toppling of a lost dynasty, the end of a corrupt era and the beginning of a new one. But without context, these words have become little more than local myth. For the expansive empires and kingdoms of old are merely dust in the wind. The land's borders are more akin to the shards of a shattered mirror now, and many do not respect them. In this age, dark and conflicting as it is, this village is the closest to a sanctuary as one may find.

Now the top of the hill is the seat of a humble temple; little more than an arrangement of stone pillars surrounding a small sacred grove of birch trees. A few monks tend to the grove, led by a singular druid; a spiritual arbiter of the village's affairs as well as the keeper of lore. There is not much else to find in the village, aside from locals and the occasional pilgrim sojourning before they travel to the next spiritual site.


Hey guys. Just posting here to raise some awareness for the open rp I just posted in the fantasy rp forums. I'm going for a Dark Age/Iron Age vibe technology wise, with a decent amount of magic. There will be spirits and the like, of course. And I'm hoping to find folks who have characters that may work with this setting. I'd like to mention that if you have a more renaissance type character, perhaps like a dwarf with a blunderbuss, that's acceptable IF they are from a faraway land. In the region this is transpiring though, its not very technologically developed. No contemporary/sci fi characters, please, unless they have medieval variants.

I left the greater state of the world vague so as to allow as much variety as possible. Its pretty sandbox. I look forward to reading your posts!
Magic 70%
Magic is fairly common. Players and NPCs important to the tale may have it. Mistborn.
Technology 20%
Iron age
Combat 50%
Combat is expected as part of the storyline but it won't dominate the plot.
Romance 20%
Romance isn't outright desired, but can happen if we decide the characters are perfect for each other. The romance won't be important to the overall plot.

Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts,

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