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Fenn Wilder (played by RosenSchwert)

Hello, I'm lookin' to commission a piece for my latest muse Fenn. Basically, lookin' for someone who is comfortable drawing male characters and is alright drawing things like scars/a bit of blood/beat up appearance and different expressions...Fenn tends to get into scraps often. Basically I'd like a colored sketch sheet of Fenn with different expressions, waist up or busts are fine. I can pay via PayPal, USD. I really only have one reference for Fenn at the moment, the one that can be viewed on his profile and provide a bigger version. I haven't had the time to draw Fenn a ref sheet myself unfortunately because I go back to work soon and I've been a bit busy setting up for that. So, I hope it's not too much to ask if the artist could make do with the sad little ref provided. I can do my best to fill in any little details that you may need in description. :)

Please drop links to examples/prices below. Thanks for reading!

You are on: Forums » Art & Creativity » Looking to commission!

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