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Hi im kungpow a former martial artist and have needs of my own. I also use to be at and help at a neurological development school. Who specialize in people with special needs and i use to help when i visit. I have seen many miracles. those who helped me and taught me that your disability can become gift. Feel free to ask about things.
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What school of martial arts did you train in, and how did you find your disability impacted the ways in which you trained?
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I did karate. I was alway had problems matching others and learning curtain things. I i always wanted to make everybody happy and get approval.But my teacher researched and study how to help different people. He realized i learned very fast and that i help him put things away and clean after classes. Once i reached a level where i could teach others. He showed and taught me how to connect with them. I learned they suffered similar to me but different. So i learned I could relate to that and just learned sometimes seeing and being diffrent was not bad and nobody the same. I even made some of my closest partnerships that way. I could connect on a level some of my peers could not. So i learned by accepting myself i could help them. So i learned to view my experiences as a way to relate and not as bad but to use to help others. Suffering not fun. But sometimes it helps you grow and help you in the future.

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