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The more I think about it, the more it makes sense.

Some people TRY to separate themselves from their characters. But the truth is we can't help but let a little bit of ourselves slip through the cracks. After all, would you want to roleplay with someone that's always difficult and never listens? Maybe if you have a thing for a challenge. And this can actually can get fun.

Some people also spend a LOT of time on characters. But then use their characters as an excuse for not seeing you as a person. This leads to miscommunication and drama, to be frank. I push for communication. You can get the bad moments, sure, but then you get things sorted and things are better then ever.

Personally, a hellhound character helped make sense of myself. We all have that darker side in ourselves. And I've come to understand monsters as a result. In time I got out of the rut I was in, pulled myself together and help people in various volatile situations. As well as sort out my own messes. Understanding "evil" and "chaos" and so much else helped with that. When so many pretend it's all sunshine and rainbows, I know the truth. I know we're all monsters. That any one of us can be. And the truth is... That doesn't have to be a bad thing. Don't fear being that monster. Fear not being able to understand it. Don't avoid pain. Fear never being able to face it. And most importantly of all, face fear itself.

That was me. I know someone else that uses characters. Kind of "hides" behind them a bit. But I'm no fool. Saw past the tricks. had some misunderstandings. Got silent ruled on Furcadia. Haven't mentioned anything about the topic to them. Just other matters. I think they're like me a lot. They too know pain, they too know darkness.

They gave me a day to work things out. It took ten minutes. Covered a lot of ground. Then they cry into me and tell me they love me. Not just in a character way, but actually meaning it.

While I am of the opinon that characters are NEVER an excuse, it can also be helpful with finding "pieces" of yourself. Especially after you've been shattered. Just try to make sure you can identify with what you have in common with your characters, and what you don't. It can be harmful as well as helpful. I've personally found it quite helpful. And think some others also do too. It just helps with exploring more then what we already know ourselves. To be more different. To find more answers. To search out more and be more open minded with different experiences. You might think it's just your character, but really, you take those experiences with you as a person too. I used to be more sheltered in the past. But now I'm more open minded then ever.

And all because I simply changed my species to a hellhound. Makes you think. You'd be surprised how much peace you can find in chaos.

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Yes, some of our characters may like or dislike what we do, they may have some of our personality traits, but I am not my character. I do care about them, however. Normally a good deal of time and efforts goes into the characters I RP. Some characters I have done a great deal of research for and still do.

I may disagree with you there on some points. Most of us are not trained therapists. I do not feel it is my job to help others cope with RL traumas or tragedies when I RP. My characters have their backgrounds, some have their past traumas that are not mine. I RP to get away from the stress of RL.

I have RPed what I consider darker themes with trusted partners who know and understand my boundaries. I may feel comfortable RPing a storyline about suicide with one partner because we have amazing OOC communication and they will understand that I may need a break from the storyline or how to speak to me OOC afterwards and check how I am feeling. That isn't something I would RP with a new partner or even some partners I do not have the same level of trust or comfort with. There are certain themes and topic I refuse to RP. I have learned to set my boundaries and will not tolerate those who do not respect them. Yes, OOC communication and good IC communications is extremely important. If the other person IC or OOC refuses to listen to what you are telling them and you feel disrespect IC or OOC then it is best to cut ties.

Again not one situation is the same. I think it really depends on the level of trust and communication you are able to establish with your partner, but no one should put pressure on others or themselves to RP themes or concepts you are not comfortable with, I also do not believe RP should be used as a main coping mechanism, for RL traumas or problems.

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