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Hello all, Winter here.

Just letting it be known today I got my shirt and pens I ordered from the RPR store. I was very happy with seeing the package from Kim, it helped to brighten my day! ^-^

The shirt is a bit wrinkled and such, because I had just put it on when I realized I hadn't taken an image yet. Just wanted to promise it was not Kim's fault.


Thank you very much, Kim, for sending my order and keeping RPR going!

Now for the fun of wearing my shirt around, and have people go: "...What is this RPRepository on you're shirt?"

-cue the start of Weird Al's song: "The Saga Begins", re-written by me-

Note: Excuse my randomness. I do a lot of sleeping lately, and am often "blah" feeling. So this helped me be a bit un-blah. Though I admit it might not make sense.

"A long, long time ago
In a galaxy far away
A young woman created a place for fellow role players
And I thought how could one person make a place last so long?
Could it be possible that I finally found a place to stay?
To maybe call this new place home?

But it's been shown time and time again
That RPR will stand tall and proud
It's got fantastic mods, and a fabulous creator
So my friends and I settled down
And made RPR our new RP home
And we went to the intro threads to meet new people
We all wound up having the start of lots of fun
That's where... we found... the creator

My my this here creator named Kim
May be one person in charge, but she's got a fleet of mods
She created this place known as RPR
Sayin' "Now everyone will have a place to call home for RP."

Okay. I'm done now with my randomness. Anyways. Thanks again Kim! You are fabulous! <3

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