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I have been trying to look this up on how to make columns on my character profiles. I have no idea why one of my profiles has columns while the others do not. On the one with the columns it has an 'Add Row' option that isn't on my other profiles. Not sure what I did differently with this one. I want to reorganize my other character sheets to make them look nicer. Please help. I am stumped.

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When you add a row there is a button on the header of the new row/column next to where it says column. These buttons (only one of which are blue in this picture which is the button to make the row narrower) should allow you to shrink the row down or make it larger.


When you shrink it down to a certain length you will get the add another column button


Some of the characters page templates are column friendly and some are not. Sort of have to feel that part out.
It also sounds like one of your profiles is still working on rpr 1.0 profiles

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