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For whoever needs to hear this ...

I recently ended quite a number of rps due to a real life change that had changed my rp style. This had to do with my relationship with my husband and making sure we were both comfortable with the types of rps I was participating in.

I was pleased that almost all of my rp partners understood, and while disappointed understandably were very respectful. However, there were a select few who were not so understanding and sent pretty hateful messages, even blocking me on the site.

I understand being upset when an rp you were looking forward to is changed or ended unexpectedly. Trust me, I've experienced that myself. Especially if the rp didn't quite get all the way off the ground.

My purpose in writing this is to express how important it is that we remember there are things more important than rp, and even if something is not a priority for us personally we have to understand that it could be a priority for someone else. My relationship with my husband is the most important thing in the world to me, and I will not apologize for that. If you're asking me to prioritize writing a story with you over keeping his trust and confidence - the simple answer is no.

Other people have experienced similar circumstances, I'm sure. When real life makes a change, we have to remember that rp is just for fun. And we have to respect when our partners need to take a step back.

Thank you to all those who were so understanding, and I look forward to creating new stories under my new limits with you and others.


P.S. For those who need to make a change due to a real life change, please remember not to ghost your partners. It can be intimidating to reach out and end an rp, but it's so much more respectful and kind.
Very well said Crimson. Thank you for taking the time to write this and sharing it with the community. At the end of the day, real-life is what matters, and roleplaying is just one small, and in the whole scheme of things, not all that important part of real-life. Roleplaying is a pastime... a hobby... a game really, and it needs to be kept in perspective. As soon as it starts to adversely affect ones real-life and their real-life relationships, it’s time to step back, weigh the cost, and readjust the scope and focus.

It is sad and even a bit troubling that some have chosen a road that was highly disrespectful to you and your decision. I’ll say that I believe the majority of the RP Repository community supports people’s decisions they make on their RP participation, styles, and limitations. May you keep enjoying collaborative roleplay writing and may your creative juices flow evermore!

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