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Auberon Moderator

I've been on a little kick finally reading Homestuck a decade late, and I've started working my way through the cast making emojis. So far I've got Karkat and Terezi all done and bundled up for people to download and use. I'm going to be cleaning up a set of Rose emojis, and those'll be out soon, but for now I'm working through the trolls. :3


Individual images here:


Individual images here:


Individual images here:


Individual images here:

If you have a particular fave troll lmk and I'll make it happen! (Please note that I haven't met any alpha timeline trolls yet, I'm still reading. No spoilers!) I probably won't be releasing them for most of the humans because I have my own interpretations of the kids that may not jive with someone else's headcanons.

If you like what you see, please consider sliding me a follow on twitter: (account is SFW!)
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Added Gamzee! Doing Tavros next, then Vriska.
Auberon Topic Starter Moderator

Now feat. Vriska who jumped the line by request. Tavros next!

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