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8 Months after the start of the apocalypse, (current date April 12th, 2022) the small tourist town near Yellowstone National park; Greensboro, Montana, sits mostly quiet, almost all of the population infected, the rest in hiding or on the run. Though no one overtly knows exactly what caused the end of the world, whispers have been bouncing around about an experimental vaccine, a bioweapon created by the government, an ancient virus that wiped out the Egyptians, a dormant strain of rabies woken by fracking and many other proposed origins, some wilder than others. Infects around Greensboro had remained slightly dormant for some time during the winter, something realized by and taken advantage of by many survivors. But now, the sun peeking from around the clouds, the land warming up gradually, the once dormant infects start to return to their lively state. Will you dare step foot into the town of Greensboro?

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