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Lex (played by Leighoflight) Topic Starter

One of the reasons he was being so helpful was that he reckoned he was partly responsible for the boys injuries. Not that he’d ever admit it though! He also assumed the lad’s job had been ruined if he was this beat up. Another reason was out of curiosity, he’d only heard of shadewalkers in books and here was one in front of him.

“I can help if you’d like” he offered out an arm. If he took it or not didn’t bother him. They slowly made their way through the winding streets and further into the more run down part of town.

Knocking on the door loudly and shouting something in another language Mikael called out to whoever lived inside. Even if Archer didn’t know the language it was easy to guess it was something along the lines of “open up!!”.
The door swung open and what appeared was a disheveled looking Tiefling woman wearing a black dress with a black and silver corset on top. Her hair was a mass of rust colored curls with a set of dark ram-like horns. Her skin was also a dark shade of red but more merlot and her eyes a piercing shade of silver.

She looked at Archer, then Mikael and back to Archer before slapping the monk upside the head and insulting him in Infernal. Changing her demeanour, she faced Archer “Sorry about that, please come in.” She moved in front of Mikael to allow Archer to enter first before shooting the human a dirty look.

Inside the small abode it was packed from floor to ceiling with potions, books, scrolls and magical items. Trinkets hung from the rafters and there was a strong smell of incense and different herbs that assaulted the senses upon entering.
“How can I help you lad?” She focused on Archer and completely ignored Mikael for the time being.

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The boy politely declined the help. He understood the thought behind it, but the boy neither liked physical contact, nor the feeling of dependence. If he didn't think he would've gotten funny looks he would've laughed at his usage of such big words. He shook his head, refocusing on keeping himself upright.

Archer frowned at the way Mikael spoke to the person inside. He didn't think most people would take kindly to such a cacophony at their door, he knew he wouldn't. He snorted, if someone woke him up like that he was fairly certain they'd find themselves with a black eye, or a knife somewhere uncomfortable. The boy had to restrain himself from laughing when the woman slapped Mikael, but didn't manage to keep from grinning.

He nodded,"Not a problem ma'am," he replied with laughter in his voice. He still couldn't get over how much influence the nuns had over him that he greeted strangers with "sir" or "ma'am". He shook his head and walked in the door." Well, ma'am, I might've broke my ankle, and a few other things." the boy winced, cursing himself for admitting a weakness.
Lex (played by Leighoflight) Topic Starter

The woman directed Archer to a stool placed precariously amongst all the items, crates and whatnot. She also sat down on another stool close to him and shot Mikael another death stare. “Did you do this to him!?” She accused.
The monk was looking around the shelves for anything interesting but quickly stopped and stood to attention when yelled at “No!” He replied rapidly in defence.

She raised her eyebrows as if to say ‘I don’t believe you’ but returned her attention to Archer. “Don’t worry, I’ll deal with him later and he can pay for this.” As if expecting Mikael to protest she held up her index finger to him without looking over. He remained silent.

Clapping her hands together caused a bright spark of orange energy to emit from them. She held them over the effected ankle and closed her eyes to focus. Nothing happened for a while and then a sudden cracking sound as the ankle returned to it’s correct place. The bones fusing back together. “Where else did you say was hurt” finally opening her eyes again.
Archer sat down where the woman told him too and watched the interaction between the two adults with barely concealed interest. He nearly laughed at her question, and thought about defending the man, but decided silence was most likely the best policy in this circumstance. He simply nodded when the woman told him that Mikael would pay for it later. He watched her fingers light up with energy, his eyes wide as he realized it was very close to something he could do himself. He watched his ankle knit itself together, biting his lip to keep from crying out in pain. He hissed as quietly as he could and wiggled his ankle a little.

" Um, my ribs, I think, they could just be hurting, but I'm fairly certain they're broken, ma'am." He answered, as sweetly as he knew how. If the woman knew how to use healing magic, Archer was going to be the last person to get on her bad side.

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Lex (played by Leighoflight) Topic Starter

She watches Archer intently as he talks, listening more to how he is talking rather than what he is saying. “It sounds like you’ve got off lucky in that case. Could of easily punctured a lung.” She doesn’t give much more explanation than that before setting to work again on his ribcage. The same process that occurred with the ankle happened here, nothing for a few moments then the bones reset themselves into place. “You’ll most likely still get a nasty bruise but better than nothing.” With her work done she clapped her hands together again and the energy ceased to glow.

Getting up she turned to Mikael with a look as if she was going to skin him on the spot. The monk stopped touching a trinket and put it back on the shelf swiftly. “I do yes, have you still got mine?” He asked while digging through his bag. The woman waded through the piles of stuff cluttering the room to reach a bookshelf packed with scrolls, picking one out of the many crammed together.

Neither seemed to trust the other so they both held out one end of their scroll for the other to grab then simultaneously let go of the other end. Their trade was done and both inspected the scroll to make sure they weren’t being cheated. “And how are you going to pay for the boy?” she asked in a sharp tone. Mikael pulled out a large magical tome from his bag, the one he acquired the night before. “This might interest you, I haven’t opened it, don’t know what sort of locks are on there”.

Taking the book she examined it from all angles and seemed satisfied. “How much trouble did Aoife get into for this?” she questioned “The book, none at all. The scroll was harder to come by.” he smirked She turned back to Archer “Sorry lad, I should of said earlier. My name’s Xennara. I hope this idiot hasn’t been too much of a hassle” referring to the monk who silently looks over-dramatically shocked behind her back.

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Archer watched the display with barely concealed interest,monitoring their every move. He began to grin as he watched their trade, and their distrust. His grin widened into a smile as he figured out how he would've cheated either of them. The boy quickly hid his smile and began contemplating. He had felt that strange feeling of fate before, when he had met other people and known that he had to save them,kill them, or otherwise interact with them, but never had he just felt that they were familiar. He frowned, staring at Mikael as he tried to puzzle it all together.

Finally when the trade was over Archer stood up, he should've started walking away while they were making the trade so that they never would've seen him, but he hadn't been paying enough attention. He cursed himself for his lack of observation as the woman turned back towards him. He inwardly groaned and turned to face her," My name's Archer." he replied. No use in trying to hide his name at this point, not when he had already told the monk his name. Again he cursed himself for his weakness, he shouldn't have told them his name, now they could find him again. The boy sighed, there wasn't much he could do about it now.

"No ma'am he hasn't. He helped me over here and gave me a pastry." the boy answered. He wasn't sure if that was the reply either of them were looking for, but it seemed the most neutral.
Lex (played by Leighoflight) Topic Starter

Xennara took note of the boy’s wariness “Most of my clients prefer to not be seen by others and that’s how I like to keep it.” she commented as a way of trying to ease his tension “Should you ever need a magical item or have any to sell then I am more than happy to have a look” her tail casually swayed side to side as she turned to Mikael “I’d prefer it if I could stop seeing you but I admit your a decent customer” she said with a slight groan.

The monk meanwhile was digging through his bag and pulled out a red, shiny scarf with coins on it, much like a belly dancers sash. He wrapped the newly acquired scroll up in the fabric for safe keeping before looking up and smiling sweetly at the woman.

Now, both of you, if there’s nothing else you need get out of my sight” wrapping a hand around Mikael’s upper back she pushed him in the direction of the door. Once outside the door was slammed shut behind the pair.
Mikael glanced down at Archer “Well, nice meeting you lad. I best be heading off” He waved, turned on his heel and headed back in the direction they came from.

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