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Ash Truth or dare
hmm i will ask for a dare
dabomb217op Topic Starter

*totally not prepared lol*
right then is it true that i want to go on record and say i suck at the whole truth thing you spent 4 hours on an oc
Shade set me off of dares.
you want me to give you a dare
alright time for something evil
Nooo. I meant I'm not choosing it b/c you tried to make me delete Mars and Blazers-
i said one that you dont use often mate not two lmao
besides we ignored that one for its evil
They're twins on the same prof
dabomb217op Topic Starter

ok rules for dares, no deleting characters, nothing inappropriate, and nothing you wouldn't be willing to do yourself
Thank youuuu
oh alright so no dares from me because evidently im evil lol
RIGHT to get this back on track hmm russian truth or dare
dabomb217op Topic Starter

It's 217's turn
dabomb217op Topic Starter

call me Jamie if you want
dabomb217op Topic Starter

shade t or d

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